Enjoy... Encourage... Evolve...

Whitehorse Amateur Basketball Association aims to:

Provide and promote the sport of basketball to ensure all members, families and participants can -

  • enjoy – participate in basketball in a fun, safe and enjoyable environment;
  • encourage – all children of all abilities and cultures to come together and learn the fundamental skills of basketball;
  • evolve – as players, coaches, managers, committee members and volunteers  through team work, leadership, commitment,   confidence, sportsmanship & respect;


Our AIM is to provide and promote participation by:

  • Promoting the sport of basketball to the local community;
  • Effective and open communication with all parties;
  • Being professional in everything we do;
  • Ensuring financial stability;
  • Being a valued member of the local community;
  • Ensuring a positive environment of excellence, teamwork, sportsmanship and belonging;

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