UPDATED November 2017



On this page you will find:

    • Age Criteria for the 2018 National Championships
    • Fixtures will be released in December
    • My Football Club Player Registration for the National Championships
    • Training Schedule 
    • Payment Plan for the 2018 Tour
    • Payment Plan for purchasing the Joma Playing Kit in November
    • Qantas Flight Information will released in mid November
    • Player Self Registration Form. All players MUST be registered to the FFV Futsal State Program package on My Football Club, if you are selected for any State Representative team. If you are not sure if you have a current registration, or have any queiries, please contact the FFV Futsal Registrar.
    • None FFV Futsal Club members will have to pay a $30 registration fee.
    • Capital Football Self Registration Guide for the 2018 FFA National Championships. All players MUST do this ASAP once a player has been selected.

The Joma Playing Kits and Casual Apparel is now available for purchase. Visit:

Team Joma

My Fooball Club Player Registration - refer to attached pdf.



Due to advance payments having to be made with Qantas, there are no discounts for players who are not travelling with the Tour either on the Melbourne to Canberra flight or the Canberra to Melbourne flight. 

Qantas Flights will be available, at cost, for parents wishing to travel with the Group to Canberra. Contact Mark Georgeson for more details.


If a parent wants to pick up their child on the last day at the AIS Stadium, they must fill in a Release Form. Once the Release Form has been filled in, the Tour will end for that player at the AIS Stadium. For all other players, the Tour will end at Melbourne Airport on the Friday evening of January 12th. Until that time, the player will be in the care of the Team Manager. 

FFV Futsal Player Release Form

Players are not to be picked up from the Hotel on Friday January 12th. 

At NO stage of the Tour are parents allowed access to their children at the Hotel, unless it is an emergency. The player's Team Manager must be advised of any player issues.


It is strongly recommended that parents have minimal contact with their child at the Nationals. We encourage parents to attend the matches and offer words of encouragement but refrain from "coaching" from the sidelines or via texting, phone calls, etc. Abusing the Referees and undermining the Coaching Staff is prohibited, as this has a detrimental affect on the player and the team as a whole. The expectation is that all parents conduct themselves in a professional manner.

Team Managers may implement a ban on the use of Mobile Phones at certain times of the day, so please contact your Team Manager for further details. Mini footballs and other personal futsal / footballs are banned - players must not bring them on tour.


All players must be financial at each stage of the Payment Plan. Players who are not, will be removed from the team and replaced with an Emergency Player.

Once a player has accepted their position in the team, there are NO refunds.


All Boys training is at Caroline Springs Leisure Center, The Parade, Caroline Springs, on Sunday afternoons, commencing Sunday October 15.

12 Noon: 

Pitch 1 Boys 16s; Pitch 2 Boys 12s Rangers; Pitch 3 Boys 12s Magic

3pm: Boys 15s Pitch 1

4.30pm: Boys 13s Pitch 1

6pm: Boys 14s Pitch 1

Mens Youth: 6.30pm at Caroline Springs 

All Girls training is at Mentone Girls Secondary Colllege, Balcombe Road, Mentone on Friday nights, commencing October 13.


Girls 15s Pitch 1; Girls 13s Pitch 2


Womens Youth International Pitch

2018 FFA National Championships Age Criteria

19s: For Players born on or after 1 January 1998

17s: For Players born on or after 1 January 2000 

16s: For Players born on or after 1 January 2001

15s: For Players born on or after 1 January 2002

14s: For Players born on or after 1 January 2003

13s: For Players born on or after 1 January 2004

12s: For Players born on or after 1 January 2005

Medical Forms including Dietary Requests

Please fill in the Medical Form and Submit. If you do not have any medical conditions or certain questions do not pertain to you and / or, you do not have any dietary requirements, please enter N/A. 

2018 FFV Futsal Medical Form



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