FFV Futsal will be assigning Coaching and Team Manager positions for State Representative teams from the Appointments List. If you are actively involved with Futsal and would like to be included on the Appointments List, please send your CV to Sam Mlynarz, FFV Futsal Technical Director at

Priority will be given to the Coaches and Team Managers who meet the following criteria:

  • Has an AFC Futsal Licence
  • Is a member of a current FFV Futsal club
  • Is actively coaching futsal in FFV Futsal Programs, such as the FFV State Championships, FFV Futsal Leagues and other affiliated social leagues

Other criteria will also be taken into account, such as:

  • Administrative and communication skills
  • Professional conduct and appearance
  • Supporter of FFV Futsal
  • Has a current FFA Community Futsal Certificate
  • Has regiustered for AFC Futsal Courses
  • Previous FFV Futsal Coaching / Team Manager experience
  • Parents coaching their siblings is discouraged

FFV FUTSAL STAFF APPOINTMENTS – 2018 FFA National Championships

Tour Leader: Mark Georgeson

Assistant Tour Leader: Ashleigh Phipps-Nelson

Boys 12s Rangers

Head Coach: Joshua Pulvirenti

Team Manager: Andrew Campbell

Boys 12s Magic

Head Coach: Dietmar Schaffner

Team Manager: Michael Schaffner

Boys 13s

Head Coach: Kogulan Sabaratnam

Team Manager: Gregory Lascaris

Boys 14s

Head Coach: Jaroslav Dedic

Team Manager: Daniel Rizio

Boys 15s

Head Coach: Jack Dugonjic

Team Manager: Nathan Meneses

Boys 16s

Head Coach: Harry Amiridis

Team Manager: Adrian Mazzarella

Mens Youth

Head Coach: Samuel Mlynarz

Team Manager: Jalal Soueid

Country West Boys 16s

Head Coach: Andrew Burgess

Team Manager: To be advised

Country West Mens Youth

Head Coach: Dermott Tebb

Team Manager: To be advised

Girls 13s

Head Coach: Ilona Jakab

Team Manager: Molly Boorman

Girls 15s

Head Coach: Krystal McCluskey

Team Manager: Mark Georgeson

Girls 17s / Youth

Head Coach: Samuel Mlynarz

Team Manager: Dino Josefski