F4R R1 Melbourne

FIERCE 4 RUGBY Round 1 2016


Entry information for Round 1 Fierce 4 Rugby Melbourne


 Team Entry and Registration:

 This information pack contains:

 Form A: Team Nomination Form                                         Due Back 29th of January 2016

 Form B: Team Registration Form                                         Due Back 29th of January 2016

 Form C: Team Travel Form                                                   Due Back 5th of February 2016

 Form D: Individual Registration Form  (new players)      Due Back 29th of January 2016

Form E: Code of Conduct                                                    Due Back 29th of January 2016


Entry Costs:

 As previously communicated, Disability Sports Australia is using a more transparen tmethod of charging entry fees this year. The three components of costs for the event are:

Event Entry Fee: The team costs to enter R1 in Melbourne are $3,400 +GST (an early bird offer of $3,200 + GST is available to teams if they complete the entry fee payment before the due date).  The fee is DUE 1st March 2016.

 In 2015 DSA absorbed several costs that were previously passed on to teams through equalisation, such as insurance costs etc. This year we will resume passing on some of these costs, but we will continue to absorb the cost of the IWRF membership and NOT pass this on to teams. Therefore, the Event Entry fee PER TEAM consists of these equalised costs plus the cost of delivery of the event including venue hire, officials costs and ground transport and is based on 4 teams.

 Accommodation: The accommodation rate will be charged at $294+ GST for a 2 bedroom apartment (sleeps 4) & $175 + GST for a 1 bedroom apartment (sleeps 2). Accommodation will be invoiced to teams once the Team Registration Form is received and rooming lists have been finalised. This is on a user pays system and is NOT equalised.

 Flights: Flights will be booked centrally by DSA through Stage and Screen Travel for up to 10 people per team.  Flight costs for the event will then be equalised between all competing Australian state teams, based on number of people travelling (up to 10 per team). Once DSA receives the Team Travel form, we will make initial booking requests. Teams will be provided flight options by Stage and Screen Travel and bookings confirmed by no later than 1 March 2016. Once all flights are booked, the equalisation amount will be calculated and teams will be invoiced for their flights. Any changes after this will incur a fee which will be passed on to the team involved. Additional flights can be booked separately, but will be paid directly by teams.


Classification will be offered at this event as required. Please indicate on the team registration list, which players will need classification. Classifiers will be available for review of new and provisional players. New classification cards will be issued at this event.

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