Referees Guidelines - Block/ Charge Fouls


The referee must realise that most block/charge decisions result in disagreement from the side penalised. However, the referee should have confidence in their call, providing they are always aware of the following

1.   Anticipate the play (not the Call). Think ahead as to what could possibly happen next. Be prepared.

2.   Think what the offensive player is trying to accomplish while observing what the defence is doing. Keep good vision on both offensive and defensive playes, but referee the defence ("referee the defence, think like the offence").

3.   See the whole play from the beginning, with as wide an angle as possible. The closer to the action the more difficult it is judge.

4.   Establish quickly if a defender has established a legal guarding position(i.e. first to the position, feet on the floor, and initially facing the opponent).

5.   Note the point of contact (leg or chest etc). If contact is on torso (chest), it is a good indication who got the position first.

6.   Protect the rights of the airborne player. If it is close with a player in the air, call a block.

7.   Make sure that the contact has resulted in a player being put at a disadvantage (moved them from a legally established position) and do not be influenced by the       dramatics of the players.

8.   Most block/charge situations occur:

        a)  In transition

        b)  Where a player beats their player and another defender comes across to help.

        c)  Defensive help situations, with the defence switching.

        d)  Pressing situations.

        e)  Pass and crash situations where the offence pass or shoot the ball while in air and then cannon into the defence.

9.   When there is doubt as to whether a shot was released prior to contact, it is probably best procedure to count the basket and call a pushing foul.    

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The GSABA Referee Department will be doing the Summer Season 2018-19 Grand Final Roster. Mike Richardson is the Referee Development Co-ordinator, and Tim Round is the Referee Manager. There will be a Referee Sub Committee, which will be headed by Mike Richardson and includes Tim Round (Referee Manager) and Brett Stringer (Referee). A Player Coach is still to be appointed.

* The Minor Round Summer Season 2018 -2019 Umpires Roster will be completed by Dennis Earl.  The GSABA Carnival Umpires Roster will be completed by the GSABA Referee Department.


Any person interested in joining the GSABA Umpiring Panel please contact GSABA Business Administrator - Dennis Earl- We welcome all referees but always looking for umpires who can umpire Senior Grades.