Referees Guidelines - Dribbling Violations


1.   Establish that the player has control of a live ball.

2.   Clearly establish that the player has ended a dribble by either

        a) Touching the ball with both hands, together

        b) Having the ball come to rest in one or both hands

3.   Remember there is no limit to the number of steps a player may take when the ball is not in contact with their hand        

4.   A fumble means the player does not have control of the ball

        a) A player may fumble at the beginning of a dribble

        b) A player may fumle at the end of a dribble

5.   Consistency in the application of common sense to each game bearing in mind the abilities of the players concerned and their attitude and conduct during the game

6.   Most illegal dribbles occur

        a) On drives to the basket

        b) In transition

        c) When the offensive players "stand the defence up" by    carrying the ball

        d) The cross-over dribble where the dribbler turns the ball over, it is likely the ball has come to rest at this point. (Even if only for a split-second)         


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The GSABA Referee Department will start in the Summer Season 2017-18. They will be doing the Winter Season 2017 Grand Final Roster. Mike Richardson is the Referee Development Co-ordinator, and Sharyn Nixon is the Referee Manager. There will be a Referee Sub Committee, which will be headed by Mike Richardson, includes Sharyn Nixon, (Referee Manager) and Tim Round (Referee). A Player Coach is still to be appointed.

* The Minor Round Summer Season 2017-18 Umpires Roster will be completed by Dennis Earl. The Summer Season 2017-18. Finals Series Umpires Roster will be completed by the GSABA Referee Department. The GSABA Carnival Umpires Roster will be completed by the GSABA Referee Department.


Any person interested in joining the GSABA Umpiring Panel please contact GSABA Business Administrator - Dennis Earl- We welcome all referees but always looking for umpires who can umpire Senior Grades.