Clearance Procedure


Players once they have played one game for a Club they are aligned to that Club. This includes playing in the Under 10's competition.

The GSABA maintains records of this and if a Club/Player is unsure when they last played for their Club they need to contact Fiona Haynes 0435 236 671.

A player that wants to transfer to another Club must obtain a clearance before playing for the another club. The Clearance Form must be presented at a GSABA Management Committee Meeting where it is tabled for approval.

An Under 10 player transferring to another Under 10 team needs to submit a clearance for approval but the $40 Clearance Fee is not required.

An Under 10 player transferring to another Under 12 team needs to submit a clearance for approval and the $40 Clearance Fee is required. 

No player shall play for more than one affiliated Club.

Players may present clearances to Management Committee at any time. A player may not be cleared if he/she has played a game in the current season.

The Clearance form must be signed by the player's current Club President or Secretary, the President or Secretary of the Club they wish to be cleared to and it must state the reasons for such a request.

Players must await Management Committee verification before transferring.

A cleared player must not be cleared to a further Club for at least two years.

Players who have not played any games during the preceding four seasons shall not require a clearance, providing no monies or uniforms are owed to the previous club.

Players who are without a team to play in at their current club and are transferring for one season only to enable another club to form a team are required to fill out a permit clearance and pay a one-off $40 fee.


The playing seeking a clearance must:

1. Obtain a Clearance Form from the Club they are currently playing for.

2. Complete Part A of the Clearance Form.

3. Seek the President or Secretary of the New Club to complete Part B.

4. Seek the President or Secretary of the Current Club to Complete Part C.

5. Submit the Clearance Form & $40 Fee to the New Club who presents the form for processing at a GSABA Management Meeting.


A junior association player may not be cleared to another club for 6 months from the last Association match played by the player. The GSABA Management Committee reserves the right to make the final judgement on the clearance.  


1. Clearances for the new season should be submitted at this meeting.

2. After the minutes of the GSABA Nominations have been moved, second and accepted players on the Club nominations can't be cleared to another club for that season. 

3. Players not nominated for that season by a Club can obtain a clearance at a GSABA Management Meeting providing all Clearance rules are followed.

POINT 2: Clubs have to organise on average 22-25 teams and if GSABA Management allowed players to clear after nominations, we could have team withdrawals due to insufficent players in teams, leading to redraw of competitions. There needs to be a cut-off point and the Nominations Meeting is the cut-off.

Players intending on leaving their club need to be honest with their current club and advise before nominations. Clubs have a limited time to organise their teams before the nominations meeting.  



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The GSABA Referee Department will be doing the Summer Season 2018-19 Grand Final Roster. Mike Richardson is the Referee Development Co-ordinator, and Tim Round is the Referee Manager. There will be a Referee Sub Committee, which will be headed by Mike Richardson and includes Tim Round (Referee Manager) and Brett Stringer (Referee). A Player Coach is still to be appointed.

* The Minor Round Summer Season 2018 -2019 Umpires Roster will be completed by Dennis Earl.  The GSABA Carnival Umpires Roster will be completed by the GSABA Referee Department.


Any person interested in joining the GSABA Umpiring Panel please contact GSABA Business Administrator - Dennis Earl- We welcome all referees but always looking for umpires who can umpire Senior Grades.