Umpires Awards

SUMMER 2017-18 Most Consistent Leon Phillips Most Improved Rhett Grenfell

WINTER 2017 Most Consistent Stuart Fahey Most Improved Luka Phillips

SUMMER 2016-17 Most Consistent Billy Round Most Improved Keeley Round

WINTER 2016 Most Consistent          Most Improved 

SUMMER 2015-16 Most Consistent Caleb Pope Most Improved Darcy Mulhern

WINTER 2015 Most Consistent Caleb Pope Most Improved Stuart Fahey

SUMMER 2014-15 Most Consistent Caleb Pope Most Improved Nick Baxter

WINTER 2014 Most Consistent Caleb Pope Most Improved Josiah Clarke

SUMMER 2013-14 Most Consistent Rhys Mason Most Constructive Abby Whitehead Most Improved Caleb Pope

WINTER 2013 Most Consistent Mackenzie Grimmett Most Constructive Natalie Overall Most Improved Harry Fox

SUMMER 2012-13 Most Consistent Most Constructive 

WINTER 2012 Most Consistent Dylan Mason  Most Constructive Zoey Wade

SUMMER 2011 -12 Most Consistent Darcy Money Most Improved Jack Wade

WINTER 2011 Most Consistent Amy Doyle Most Constructive Zoey Wade

SUMMER 2010-2011Most Consistent Natalie Overall Most Constructive Darcy Money

WINTER 2010 Most Consistent Darcy Money Most Improved Rhiannon Mason & Brock Susigan

SUMMER 2009-10 Most Consistent William Whitehead Most Improved Zoey Wade

WINTER 2009 Victor Stadium Most Consistent William Whitehead Most Improved Mikaela Haynes 

WINTER 2009 Goolwa Stadium Most Consistent Jarryd Thiel Most Improved Daniel Organ 

SUMMER 2008-9 Victor Stadium Most Consistent Amy Doyle Most Improved Natalie Overall

SUMMER 2008-9 Goolwa Stadium Most Consistent Cameron Pearce Most Improved

Jordan Crawford

WINTER 2008 Victor Stadium Most Consistent Alexander Haynes Most Improved Dylan Mason

WINTER 2008 Goolwa Stadium Most Consistent Robe Lose Most Dedicated Jarryd Thiele 

SUMMER 2007-8 Victor Stadium Most Consistent Elly Cleggett Most Improved Dale Francis

SUMMER 2007-8 Goolwa Stadium Service Award Luke Giddings Most Consistent Jarryd Thiel

WINTER 2007 Victor Stadium Most Consistent Alexander Haynes Most Improved Amy Doyle Encouragement Award David Cleggett Most Dedicated Jo Haddrick

WINTER 2007 Goolwa Stadium Most Improved Jarryd Thiel Encouragement Award Cameron Pearce

SUMMER 2006-7 Victor Stadium Most Consistent Dale Francis Most Improved Elly Cleggett

SUMMER 2006-7 Goolwa Stadium Most Consistent Chad Horsnell Most Improved David Cuthbert

WINTER 2006 Victor Stadium Most Consistent Alexander Haynes Most Improved Jamie Molesworth

WINTER 2006 Goolwa Stadium Most Consistent James Fry Most Improved Brock Knott

SUMMER 2005-6 Victor Stadium Most Consistent Adam Stevens Most Improved Aaron Stewart

SUMMER 2005-6 Goolwa Stadium Most Consistent Brock Knott Most Improved James Fry

WINTER 2005 Victor Stadium Most Consistent Leila Moon Most Improved Salome Haythorpe

WINTER 2005 Goolwa Stadium Most Improved Loiuse Codd & Airlie Fidock

WINTER 2003 Most Consistent Senior Umpire Paul Creeper Most Improved Senior Umpire Kaylene Ellis

WINTER 2003 Most Consistent Junior Umpire Kristine Keates Most Improved Junior Umpire Craig Smedley

SUMMER 2002-2003 Most Consistent Senior Umpire Dennis Earl & Gus Telfer

SUMMER 2002-2003 Most Consistent Junior Umpire Kristine Keates & Leila Moon

Summer  2000-01 Most Consistent Senior Umpire Noami Schultz Most Improved Senior Umpire Brett Stringer

Summer 2000-01 Most Consistent Junior Umpire Justin Woodroofe Most Improved Junior Umpire Jason Cameron

Winter 2000 Most Impoved Senior Umpires Noami Schultz & Jason Cameron






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Notice Board


The GSABA Referee Department will be doing the Summer Season 2018-19 Grand Final Roster. Mike Richardson is the Referee Development Co-ordinator, and Tim Round is the Referee Manager. There will be a Referee Sub Committee, which will be headed by Mike Richardson and includes Tim Round (Referee Manager) and Brett Stringer (Referee). A Player Coach is still to be appointed.

* The Minor Round Summer Season 2018 -2019 Umpires Roster will be completed by Dennis Earl.  The GSABA Carnival Umpires Roster will be completed by the GSABA Referee Department.


Any person interested in joining the GSABA Umpiring Panel please contact GSABA Business Administrator - Dennis Earl- We welcome all referees but always looking for umpires who can umpire Senior Grades.