Administrators and Management


REVIEWED: 1999, 2001, 2004, 2007, 2010


Administrators and Management Committees at all times accept and adhere to the following behaviours: 

- Involve young people in planning, leadership, evaluation and decision-making related to the activity.

- Give all young people equal opportunities to participate.

- Created pathways for young people to participate in sport, not just as a player but as a coach, referee, administrator,etc.

- Ensure that rules, equipment, length of games and training schedules are modified to suit the age, ability and maturity level of young players.

- Provide quality supervision and instruction for junior players.

- Remember that young people participate for their enjoyment and benefit. Do not overemphasise awards.

- Help coaches and officials highlight appropriate behaviour and skill development.

- Ensure that everyone involved in junior sport emphasises fair play, rather than wining at all costs.

- Make codes of conducts available to all members of the association via the clubs, noticeboards, signage and websites and encourage them to follow it.

- Remember, you set an example. Your behaviour and comments should be positive and supportive.

- Support implementation of the National Junior Sport Policy.

- Make it clear that abusing young people in any way is unacceptable and will result in disciplinary action.

- Respect the rights, dignity and worth of everyyoung person regardless of their gender,ability,cultural background or religion.

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The GSABA Referee Department will start in the Summer Season 2017-18. They will be doing the Winter Season 2017 Grand Final Roster. Mike Richardson is the Referee Development Co-ordinator, and Sharyn Nixon is the Referee Manager. There will be a Referee Sub Committee, which will be headed by Mike Richardson, includes Sharyn Nixon, (Referee Manager) and Tim Round (Referee). A Player Coach is still to be appointed.

* The Minor Round Summer Season 2017-18 Umpires Roster will be completed by Dennis Earl. The Summer Season 2017-18. Finals Series Umpires Roster will be completed by the GSABA Referee Department. The GSABA Carnival Umpires Roster will be completed by the GSABA Referee Department.


Any person interested in joining the GSABA Umpiring Panel please contact GSABA Business Administrator - Dennis Earl- We welcome all referees but always looking for umpires who can umpire Senior Grades.