Welcome to Maitland Basketball's competitions information page.  As always, the Board and Staff at MBA are commited to continuous improvement to deliver the best playing experience possible for our members, and to continue to work at providing great value for money and an enjoyable experience for all members and participants.

Maitland Basketball Delivers:

  • A safe, top class facility with freshly painted and resurfaced floors.
  • A commitment to providing two qualified referees on each game and a development program to build the quality and depth of our referees.
  • A safe, supportive and friendly enviroment that is free from abuse and caters to the diverse social and cultural backgrounds and needs of all members.
  • A pathway for all participants (players, coaches, referees and officials) from grassroots through to elite programs.

Our competitions also include:

  • Qualified Referees
  • Match balls 
  • Canteen facilities
  • Helpful friendly staff



At the most recent board meeting, MBA’s Board approved the pricing structure for 2018.  In considering our pricing structure, the board has balanced the need offer the best value for money possible for our members against continual increases in running costs for the Association.  2018 fees can be seen at the right of page.


Annual membership has been unbundled, so that the customer can now see where each portion of their membership goes.  Some prices have been adjusted to have better consistency in the compared unbundled prices.  Memberships for playing members 12 years and older have remained the same.  Junior 8-11 memberships have decreased from $65 to $50.  Juniors U/8, other and affiliations (secondary memberships) are all $20 in 2018.

Membership Type



2018 Price

2017 Price

Senior - 18+





Junior - 12-17





Junior - 8-11





J <8
















MBA acknowledges that social sporting competitions are an increasingly competitive market. game fees were carefully considered, with price comparisons amongst our competitors, both within the Maitland area, as well as in Basketball throughout the Hunter Region.  Competition game fees have been at their current price since the beginning of 2015, despite ongoing increases to costs associated with running and maintaining a safe and top-class facility.  The costs will continue to place upward pressure on our prices. 

MBA will continue to work hard to limit price increases whilst still aspiring towards great value for our members playing in competitions. In 2018, our competition referees are receiving a well earned increase, with opportunity to gain additional pay raises by completing referee education programs.  We are also working towards securing a greater level of sponsorship to help add value to programs.

Team nominations and game fees have increased by $5 in each division.  Seniors will now be $65, and High School competitions will be $55 per team.  Primary School competitions will now be charged on a per player basis, however a nomination and game fee of $50 has been used as the basis for calculating these prices

If you have any questions regarding these changes, please do not hesitate to contact MBA on 49343503.


This season will see some adjustments to the way MBA collects game fees in some competitions.

  • OPEN PRIMARY (FRIDAY) - all game fees collected as a per player payment
  • HIGH SCHOOL (MONDAY & WEDNESDAY) teams can choose either per player payment or a weekly team fee

There are 4 main reasons that we are transitioning to per player payments:

  • Allows school aged players to take full advantage of the ACTIVE KIDS REBATE
  • Game night staff can focus attention on supervising the courts, rather than collecting fees.
  • eam coaches/managers will not need to collect game fees each week.
  • If players in your team do not turn up for their game, other players are not left paying higher game fees to take the floor.


Game Fee

# of weeks

Nomination Fee

Game / Nom Fees Total


6 players

7 players

8 players


Open Primary Friday










High School Competitions

Weekly Team Fees Option

(team pays nomination fee and weekly game fee)


Per Player Game Fees Option

(all players pay individual fee based on # of players)

Year 7/8 Monday










Open High Wednesday









These payments are due by Friday 18th May. If you have any questions or concerns regarding 2018 Game fees, please call 49343503.


Your team is in Open Primary, playing on a Friday evening. 

  • Your team has 7 players. The competition fees are $125 per player
  • Each player can claim their Active Kids rebate voucher by handing it in to the canteen, then paying balance owing (in this example the balance is $25
  • Each player must also complete their MBA membership (annual payment of $50 for players aged under 12).
  • The new payment system will also result in some minor adjustments to our competition structure and by-laws for teams that have paid on a per player basis:

BYES - For teams that pay peplayer, If your team has a bye, you will automatically receive 3 competitions points, however, you will still get to play a game.  We will invite one team to play an extra game that night (at no extra cost) so that your team does not miss out on a game.

FORFEITS - With teams paying up front, we would expect there to be far fewer forfeits (see fill in players below), however if you cannot field a team, it is essential that you notify MBA as early as possible (not later than 12 noon on the day of the game).  An unnotified forfeit (no show or called in after 12 midday on the day of the game) will result in a full game fee penalty fine.

In the case of a forfeit, we will attempt to organise a game for your team against another team from the same grade.  If your team receives a forfeit, and we cannot organise a game (as per byes above), your team’s players will receive a credit towards their next competition OR a cash refund to be shared evenly among team members who have paid their game fees in full.

FILL-IN PLAYERS - The rules for fill in players will not be affected by this rule, as long as all team members have paid their game fees for the competition.  Please note that fill in players must be a registered member (there is a new 14-day free membership for new players).

MBA will review the success of this payment option at the end of 2018, and if suitable, will be phasing this payment structure in over the next 2 years for all junior competitions.  MBA will continue working to improve the quality of services we offer to our members.  If you have any questions or feedback regarding the changes detailed above, please do not hesitate to contact us on 49343503.



10 Bent Street
PO Box 300, MAITLAND, NSW, 2320
Phone: 02 49343503