Origins of Lacrosse



The birds thought they could do the same for the squirrel, but, to their dismay, all the leather had been used on the making of the bat’s wings. There was no time to send for more.



At the last minute it was suggested that perhaps stretching the skin of the squirrel itself could make suitable wings. So, by tugging and pulling the fur between the front and hind feet, the task was completed and there originated the flying squirrel. When all was ready, they began the game.




 Eagle and Bear met, a face-off ensued and the flying squirrel caught the ball, cradled it up the tree and passed it off the Hawk. Hawk kept it in the air for some time. Then, just as the ball was to hit the ground, the Eagle seized it. Eagle, dodging and doubling, maintained possession and kept the ball from even the Deer, the opposition… the fastest of the four-legged team. Eagle then faked to Squirrel and passed to Bat, who moved in hard and left to score the goal. This goal won the victory for the birds.




Our grandfathers tell us that when lacrosse originated it was played for healing and the enjoyment of our creator. Regardless of how unworthy you may feel an individual is, that person may have the qualities that could be a great help to you some day.





Before each game, players are reminded of the reason for their participation. Lacrosse is played for the enjoyment of OUR CREATOR. Lacrosse should not be played for money, fame, or personal gain; you should be humble and of a good mind when you take your lacrosse stick in hand.




Some players will ask the spirit of an animal for guidance so that he may have the eyes of the Hawk, and the agility of the Deer. There is often a blessing where sacred tobacco is placed into the fire so that the smoke will rise, carrying this message to the land of the creator…




Today, when the Haudenosaunee see their young men play, it makes all who are in attendance feel proud to be the originators of such a great game. Each spring marks the beginning of not only the warmer seasons, but also the start of Lacrosse in our communities.



We acknowledge the creator and give thanks to the four protectors and all life sustainers. Now, the creator has endowed upon all human life, a game called dehonchigwiis (lacrosse) for all to enjoy. The young men who participate in the creator’s game will generate a gift of healing that we may have peace of mind.

Now, we send a message to the creator’s land that there are peoples representing the four directions of mother earth, having assembled here today to enjoy in the game of lacrosse. And as these games are conducted, we acknowledge the healing energy and the peace of mind for all human kind. We acknowledge the continuance of this ancient game as beneficial for the future generations of all peoples of the world.

Now, we ask the creator’s to watch over these men gathered here during this game so that no harm will come to them. We ask the creator to watch over all those who come to enjoy this game of lacrosse. We ask the creator, as the games conclude, to safely return all to their homelands, located in each of the four directions of etinoha wenjhage (our mother earth). Dawneytoh (that is all).

Illustrations by the 1999 Onondaga Nation School 4th Grade Class

Reproduced from:

Onondaga stickmaker Alfred Jacques illustrates the importance of the craft he's been honing for 50 years.

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