Extreme Heat Guidelines

We request you adhere to the following guidelines when playing in different environments to minimize the impact of the climate and prevent heat injury.

Heat injury can lead to impaired player performance and physical distress such as dizziness, headaches and collapse.

In its extreme form it can be life threatening.

Players are requested to take this issue seriously and prepare for playing in heat and humidity climates by:

  • Ensure adequate fluid intake prior to the game and during the game (500 - 700ml per quarter) (This intake does not include alcoholic a) .
  • Drink plenty of water and electrolyte drinks. Powerade and water are available.
  • Slip, slap and slop! Wear hats and sunscreen, and avoid adrenaline-like medication .
  • Rotate player's through the interchange bench
  • Use cooling aids like ice vests, spray bottles, sponges and fans
  • If feeling unwell seek medical attention immediately. Medical staff will be at both playing venues at all times