Castlemaine Cycling Club Colours Launch 2003

Extract from presentation at launch of Castlemaine Cycling Club – “Waller Realty” colours.

Castlemaine Cycling Club – Waller Realty Club Colours Official Launch

Market Building steps, Moyston St. Castlemaine

Saturday, December 20th 2003

Official Welcome

Mayor: Jim Norris,

Councillor: Liz Egar,

CEO: Ivan Gilbert,

Sport & Recreation Officer: Deb Simpson,

Club Sponsor Representative: Rob Waller,


Castlemaine Cycling Club Members and Associates,

Ladies and Gentleman, Boys and Girls.

It is with great pride that we gather today, here, on the steps of the market building to publicly and formally launch a new association between Waller Realty and Castlemaine Cycling Club.  This association has led to the creation of a new identity for the Castlemaine Cycling Club, one that will be worn with pride and seen across the breadth of our country.

I would like to take this opportunity to travel through time, from the beginnings of cycling in our community.  Cycling enjoys a unique position in society today as a form of transport, recreation, health and fitness pursuit and sport around the globe. Major cities in the westernised world are returning to the bicycle as a preferred mode of transport for its inner dwellers, in efforts to improve the effects of worsening pollution.  Here, on the gold fields of the Mt. Alexander Shire, it was as a form of transport that the bicycle first arrived.  As people settled the use of this adaptable contraption turned to recreation and ultimately to sporting endeavours.  Clubs and associations date back into the late 1800’s and photographs depict various cycling tracks in Campbell’s Crk. and Camp Reserve.

The Castlemaine Cycling Club as we know it today, follows on from a long and rich history of clubs and associations devoted to cycling in this area, some of these being the Chewton Cycling Club and the Castlemaine Armature Cycling Club.  The Castlemaine Cycling Club today, also sits alongside other cycling groups in our community: commuters, Bicycle Users Group (BUG’S) and off-road mountain bikers, who recently held a world event locally on the edge of Castlemaine.

The Castlemaine Cycling Club was formed in 19?? and has come to be highly regarded throughout Australia and its colours respected and recognised.  It is without doubt that the same will be said of our new colours, which have already claimed a placing for the club in a recent major race.  A placing in a junior event at the “Melbourne Cup on Wheels”.

Castlemaine Cycling Club has been a strong promoter of women in sport and boasts many high level achievements; state, national and international representatives – last years local junior sports star of the year is a member of  the Castlemaine Cycling Club – Elizabeth Church.

There are many, many names that have brought depth to our club from foundation to the present day, and hopefully into the future.  Names scattering across the years: McDougall, McKinley, Harding, Maltby, Stock, Maddern, Humpheries, Amy, Finning, Frost, Grinter, Waldron and Church.  These people and many others have gained high standing in the pursuit of cycling, not just in the local area, but nationally and internationally, both on and off the bike.

  • Some of the various achievements of various members (in no way a complete or definitive list):
    • David Maltby – World representative for Australia, World record holder
    • Ken Maddern - World representative for Australia, World Silver Medalist (Malaysia)
    • Jessica Amy – Victorian representative for more than 15 times both road and track disciplines
    • Shirley Amy – World Masters road and track scratch race titles, Australian Masters and Veteran’s road titles
    • April Frost - Victorian representative track discipline ?????????
    • Alister Farley - World representative for Australia mountain biking discipline
    • Sarah Humphries – Australian title holder track discipline
    • Pip Grinter - Victorian representative road discipline
    • Elizabeth Church - Victorian representative road discipline
    • Sean Finning - World representative for Australia in Moscow World track championships (Bronze medal in Teams Pursuit), Australian Time-Trial & Points Score Champion

These names and achievements are but a smattering of results, personal achievements and history that the Castlemaine Cycling Club holds dearly in its collective memory.

An opportunity arose last year to develop an association between Castlemaine Cycling Club and  Waller Realty.  We look forward to a long and prosperous relationship with Waller Realty, one that will take the profile of both our interests to higher levels and wider exposure.  If it seems, to our local community, that cycling, our club and the likes of Sean Finning take up column space in our paper, we can assure the public that there will be much more of Sean and our developing junior and master’s riders to read about in the coming cycling seasons.

  • Mayor Jim Norris to say a few words…….
  • Castlemaine Cycling Club President, Ken Waldron. presents Sponsor, Rob Waller, with a club jersey……

Castlemaine Cycling Club is proud to be part of such a diverse community and varying landscape, and we are proud to be associated with such a locally focused organisation as Waller Realty.  Castlemaine and the communities of the Mt. Alexander Shire are like a micro Australia; per capita we produce achievers of high standing in the international arena in all cultural and academic pursuits, and cycling is no exception.  We are up on the podium with the best, and it is with the support of people like Waller Realty and our community in general that make this all possible.

Thankyou for your support today, and for being part of this historic occasion.

Our Sponsors

Notice Board

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