Permission to Train & Clearances

Permission to Train & Clearances

BV has published guidelines for procedures and ethics concerning approaches to players and clearances. Copies are available from BV or can be found on the Basketball Victoria website. All requests for Permission to Train and Clearances must be directed to the Altona Gators Program Coordinator via the Office on Sundays or email only. 

Permission to Train and Clearance Forms are available from the VJBL Office and the VJBL Website.  Look under Information heading Information and then  Clearances. It is the player seeking either Permission to Train or Clearances responsibility to provide and complete the appropriate form - Not the Association’s.

Negotiation of Permission to train:

Players registered with one Association may not train or negotiate a transfer with another Association without the written approval (on the approved form) of the Association with whom the player is registered.  Players requesting a permission to train must complete the appropriate form and have it signed by the Club Administrator.  

Clearances Forms:

Associations have fourteen (14) days  to respond to all clearance applications. within  They may be granted or refused. Grounds for refusal are players that have outstanding property (uniform) or money due to the Association.

A player may not take the court until a clearance receipt is sighted; this may take up to seven (7) days once lodged with the VJBL Administrator. All clearance receipts will be published on the VJBL website and sent by mail only if requested.

Maximum number of Clearances per Team
Teams participating in VJL 3 (or higher) will be granted permission to accept a maximum of two (2) players into their team whom have cleared from another association after having played with another association in the previous Championship Season 


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