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All Altona Gator parents are required to Share scoring duties at their child’s games throughout the year. This might involve the scoresheet, scoreboard or shot clock.

Home teams are responsible for the running of the Scoreboard and Shot clock (if required) while the Visiting Team are responsible for the Scoresheet. When your team plays at a neutral Venue the first team on the scoresheet is considered the Home Team while the secong team on the scoresheet is considered the Visiting Team.

The score bench should work as a team, which makes the job easier and ensures that there are no errors.

Gators usually run scoring courses in November and February each season, keep an eye on the website for the details.

Basketball Australia and the VJBL have produced the following resources (video’s & attached PDF) to help parents, players and coaches how to score and use the shot clock. 

Stadium Electronic Scoring:

Stadium Scoring Training from Basketball Victoria on Vimeo.

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