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A message from the Gators Director of Coaching


If your child has big dreams and aspirations to be selected into the  ITC program, Victorian state team, AIS, National league or the Olympic  team there are steps they can take to help them along in the process.

As a coach and selector at the Basketball Victoria Identification and  Selection camps, I have currently restructured the Monday Skills Sessions to better prepare your child for a possible selection into  the Basketball Victorian program.

The number of participants from Altona attending the Basketball  Victoria camps are very low and the number of Altona players moving on  to the next round of selections is heavily affected by the lack of  participation.

Other clubs who are heavily represented in the ITC program and state  teams understand the importance of individual performance enhancement  (i.e.. Monday Skills Sessions) and the strength in numbers at the  Basketball Victoria camps.

The Basketball Victoria camps will have an emphasis on skill  development, in particular shooting and individual skills. Team  Offensive & Defensive concepts will also be covered at the camp. The  Monday sessions are an affordable service offered by the club that  provides our players with an opportunity to practise the actual drills  they will need to know at the Basketball Victoria selection and  identification camps.

Altona currently has VC teams inmost age groups playing, we hope to see a few more Altona players on Monday nights and at the Basketball Victoria camps. 

Skills session details on dates & how to book are attached.

The club thanks you in advance for your participation.

Kindest regards,

Randy Shanklin 
Altona Gators Director of Coaching

Altona Bay Basketball Association


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