The Sturt Domestic League is a low cost, local, entry level alternative to District basketball. You can start with the Domestic League at any stage of the season and there is more flexibility in terms of standard and commitment. Players of any skill level and experience are welcome.

The Sturt Domestic League runs all year round, and follows the school terms. Our Summer Season runs for Term 4 and Term 1, while our Winter Season runs for Terms 2 and 3.

Registration requires a $50 deposit, which comes off of the total amount. Totals below are inclusive of this $50 payment, and cover a full season (two terms):

  • Team which Sturt provides the coach - $199
  • Team that provides its own coach - $149

If you are a current Sturt District player you receive a $20 discount for playing both Domestic and District.

There may also be a once-per-year affiliation fee to be paid to register with Basketball South Australia and Basketball Australia, depending on whether the league becomes an affiliated league. Players who are already affiliated, either in District basketball, country basketball or another Domestic competition, do not have to pay this fee.

For more information visit www.sturtsabres.com.au and click the Domestic tab.

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