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Join A Club

If you are new or experienced and are interested in playing footy in you local area, please check out the interactive map below, to find a club located near you!

It is a great sport and we have grades to suite all skill levels, from novice to expert. This site will give you a taste of the free flowing, hard hitting action sport that is Australian footy, but nothing compares to trying the sport for yourself. Footy is a sport requiring a huge range of skills. If you have played basketball, rugby, American football, soccer, lacrosse, baseball or athletics, then you have the makings of a great footy player. We are searching for the future stars of the AFLO.

**If there is not currently a club in your location, please contact us to find out the best way to get involved. AFL Ontario is focused on expansion and encourages any interested people to find out more about playing footy in your neighborhood.