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Club Responsibilities

AFL Ontario 2016 Season 

League management requires proper documentation and updating to run things efficiently. If the below deadlines are not met, the league will take appropriate actions according to the 2016 by-laws.

Before season starts:

  1. Pay your dues to the league from previous season
  2. Roll over your players who are playing again and register and/or transfer new ones
  3. Submit all your paperwork to the league registrar - you can scan and email to

Weekly at every round:

  1. Do any game day transfers needed for that round
  2. Bring a printed official, accurate game sheet to every game
  3. Ensure every and only dressed players sign the game sheet - know and follow league guidelines for player classifications (ie Aussie, Canadian, International, transfers, etc)
  4. At the end of the game, compare and confirm scores with the other team and umpires - you, the umpire and the opposing club have to agree on and sign every sheet

Both copies goes to umpire (umpire will email to league for electronic records)

  1. Coaches submit votes for the best players on each team that day via the voting form at this link for League All Star Team selection at the end of the season. You’ll need to know the players’ names on the other team - ask the other coach if needed.
  1. 3 - best
  2. 2 - second best
  3. 1 - third best

Weekly after every round:

  1. Update Sportingpulse by Monday at 12pm (noon)
  2. Submit the game scores and record goals scorers
  3. Update the players who actually played that game
  4. If required, update player transfers made for that round