Nova Scotia

League: Nova Scotia Australian Football League (NSAFL)

Province: Nova Scotia (NS)

Website: Nova Scotia AFL

Facebook page: Halifax Australian Rules Football

Twitter page: @novascotiaafl


The Nova Scotia Australian Football League (NSAFL) was formed in 2013 when two Aussie ex-pats, Jonah Scott and Joel Porter established a partner club relationship with a professional Australian rules football club from Western Australia known as the Fremantle Dockers…you may have heard of them : ) Currently the NSAFL has two clubs, the Halifax Dockers AFC and the Sydney Giants AFC who play each other twice a year and also participate in annual tournaments held in Newfoundland and Quebec. The Halifax Dockers also participate in a yearly two game series of International Rules Football against the local Halifax Gaelic Football Club, the Gaels. The NSAFL currently has no women’s team/s, however the NSAFL has set a goal of establishing at least one women’s provincial representative team by the end of 2016 so they are actively recruiting women of university age and up right now. The NSAFL also has the beginnings of a junior development program/league after having successfully hosted the first ever game of Australian Rules Football between two Canadian high school teams in June 2014 and is hoping to build on the momentum that this event created by continuing to promote the sport in high schools around the province.

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