The following points are some general recruiting ideas. The key is to provide an avenue for communication with new/potential members, and ensure you tailor the efforts to the audience you’re trying to reach (i.e different strategies for recruiting men than it is for women or juniors).

  •   Club WebPage – AFLC will provide free web pages for all clubs on Sporting Pulse.
  •   Club Email Account – free ones through hotmail, gmail or google groups
  •   Recruitment Posters at Gyms and Clubs (ask for permission first).
  •   Advertise on Facebook (can target specific audiences).
  •   Club Business Cards which members can hand out when they’re out and about.
  •   Player recruitment benefits i.e voucher for every five players they recruit.
  •   Branding – having players in team tanks or shirts when out is great advertising.
  •   Community Papers & Radio Stations will sometimes promote club events for free.
  •   A stall at community festivals – can sometimes get these for free if you volunteer your time to helping out with the event.


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