Community Carnival

The Parramatta Eels set out across the district yesterday, with one thing on their minds to spread the message of Anti Bullying. 

62 schools, over 12,000 Children and the Parramatta Eels , sounds like a ball of fun right, well it was. The players had a their opportunity to show some dance moves and sing to the crowds of children who took part on the day with Joseph Paulo showing just how good at singing Justin Beiber  he was whether the kids thought so or not they were well entertained.

The day however was not just fun and games promoting Rugby League, the day was about spreading the mesage of anti-bullying with a short video showing the affect that bullying has on the children and their peers and how they can go about putting a stop to it. The resposne from the children was great will all the chidren raising their hands to put a stop bullying in their school.  The Eels were joined by the String Movement a movement to which stands up against bullying where you tie a piece of string around your wrist to say you are not okay with bullying and to aims disarming bullying. 

Junior League Clubs also had their part in the day with Local Club Rouse Hills Rhinos Secreatary Derek Price  getting up on stage to promote Junior Rugby League, the reaction to play was aastounding with nearly all hands flying up in the air when asked if they the children wanted to play the sport.




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