Player Name Player Club Witness Name Charge Date Charge Hearing Date Hearing Time Verdict Penalty Umpire
Mcilwaine, Samuel Chirnside Park   19/05/2018 19.2.2 (j) using abusive, insulting, threatening or obscene language 19/05/2018   Set Penalty 1 Match Mark Corrie
Williams, Heath Kilsyth   19/05/2018 19.2.2 (a) (i) intentionally or carelessly - striking another person 19/05/2018   Set Penalty 2 Match Samuel Stewart
Arbuckle, Coby Croydon   20/05/2018 19.2.2 (z) engaging in any other act of misconduct or serious misconduct 20/05/2018   Set Penalty 2 Match Daniel Chaston
Hancock, Rex Wantirna South   06/05/2018 19.2.2 (a) (ii) intentionally or carelessly - kicking another person 22/05/2018 7:00 PM Guilty 2 Match Investigation
Franken, Thomas Upper Ferntree Gully   20/05/2018 19.2.2 (a) (vi) intentionally or carelessly - engaging in rough conduct against an opponent which in the circumstances is unreasonable 22/05/2018 8:00 PM Guilty 3 Match Jesse Hone Jame Irvine