Touch Football Australia, WWSI and Sportscover are committed to providing the Touch Football community with a first class Sports Insurance Scheme.

Whilst the National Insurance Scheme (NIS) provides basic levels of cover for players and others participating in Touch Football, it is not all encompassing and does not seek to replace the need for private health and other insurances.

TFA encourages all players and officials to take out their own Private Health Insurance, Life Insurance and Loss of Income coverage over and above the coverage provided under this Scheme.

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Section 1: What is covered? 

The TFA National Insurance Scheme actually consists of three policies with six sections of cover:

A.   Personal Accident

B.   Associations Liability

a.   General Liability (Public and Products Liability)

b.   Professional Indemnity

c.   Management Liability 

                                          i.    Directors and Officers Liability

C.    Cyber Insurance (only for recognised Professional Officers)


Section 2: Who is covered?

The NIS defines the Insured as:

Touch Football Australia Inc. including all affiliated State/ Territory governing bodies as listed below:

  • Touch Football ACT
  • Touch Football NT
  • Touch Football SA
  • Touch Football TAS
  • Touch Football VIC
  • Touch Football WA
  • Queensland Touch Football
  • New South Wales Touch Association

In addition the Scheme extends to provide coverage to the following affiliated: Insured Persons between the ages of three to 80 years of age:

  • Registered Members
  • Officials (Referees)
  • Non-Playing Officials:

Assistant Coaches
Team Managers
Selectors and Other Match Officials
Members of the Board of Management
Executive Officers
Voluntary Workers


Section 3: When are you covered?

Cover is provided under the Personal Accident Policy of the NIS to the above insured persons whilst:

  1. Playing in official matches
  2. Engaged in organised training and/or practice
  3. Travelling directly to, from or between official matches or training, your place of residence or place of employment
  4. Staying away from your home district for the purpose of participating in representative matches/activities
  5. Engaged in administrative or organised social activities for your affiliated association, competition, club or Touch Football Australia.

Under the Liability (Public and Products Liability) section, coverage is provided:

  • For Liabilities arising out of the Insureds Business

Business under the Policy means all activities undertaken by the insured and connected with the sport (Touch Football).


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