2017 Yr 9 Rep Information

PLEASE NOTE - 2017 is the first year Netball Wellington Centre will be running Year 9 trials.  We shall look to select one team of up to 12 players and dependent on depth of talent possibly a second team of up to 12 players.  

Netball Wellington Centre are pleased to confirm the following Year 9 representative team management appointments for our 2017 season:

NWC Year 9 Black Lead Coach – Bubs Reweti
NWC Year 9 Black Assistant Coach – Maria Bertram
NWC Year 9 Black Manager – Judy Proops

In the instance there is sufficient Year 9 talent available come trial time we may decide there is a need to select a second Year 9 Development team or a group of players as training partners.

Names of players successfully selected in the 2017 Netball Wellington Centre Year 9 Representative Team/s will be posted below along with their affiliated school/club.

Year 9

Amelia Feaunati St Mary's College  
Ashley Barr Newlands College  
Heavaln Tolova’a-Stanley St Mary's College  
Lamai Mataiti St Mary's College  
Lusahn Wyatt St Catherine's College  
Matisse Lefaoseu St Mary's College  
Paradise Lesatele Wellington East Girls' College  
Roimata Kapene St Mary's College  
Taylor Bryers Wellington Girls' College  
Temalesi-Isabel Rayasi St Mary's College  
Torren Isaako PIC Netball Club  
Anna Tirikatene Wellington Girls' College withdrawn due to injury
Frida Keenan St Catherine's College withdrawn due to illness
Joy-Maria Edwards St Mary's College withdrawn due to injury

Training Partner:

Lily Marshall Wellington Girls' College  

Year 9 Representative player commitments
Some dates are still to be confirmed, possibility for further dates to be added
Trialists are expected to review ALL commitment dates and must commit to attending ALL training and tournament dates for the duration of their rep campaign.

Year 9 Trials:
Held outdoors at the Hataitai Netball Courts
Wednesday 5th April 2017 from 6.00pm to 8.00pm
Sunday 9th April 2017 from 10.00am to 12.00pm
Wednesday 12th April 2017 from 6.00pm to 8.00pm

It is strongly recommended that trialists be available to attend ALL trials.
Exemptions can be granted where a valid reason is provided in advance at the time
of trial registration.

Trial dates and information shall be promoted via email distributed to previous trial attendees, via School Sports Coordinators and Netball Club Captains.  Please keep an eye on our website at www.netballwellington.co.nz and "Like" our Facebook page to stay up to date.  If you wish to be added to our mailing list so as to be included in our mail-out once registrations open please advise your email address and age level to ndo@netballwellington.co.nz

Trial eligibility:
To represent Netball Wellington Centre, players must:

* Be in Year 9 as at 1st January 2017
* Be currently be registered, fully financial (all fees prior to 2017 paid up in full) and actively playing for a current school or club affiliated to the 2017 Netball Wellington Centre Winter Competition played on Saturdays at either the ASB Sports Centre or Hataitai Netball Courts.

Trial conditions:
As each of the five netball centres within the Wellington region (Netball Wellington Centre, Netball Hutt Valley Centre, Kapi Mana Netball Centre, Netball Kapiti and Netball Wairarapa) intend to select their own Year 9 team/s in 2017 there will be no dispensations granted to trial for another centre.

The sole exception is for individuals who are allowed to play Winter Competition within two netball centres (eg, school team vs club team).  In this instance, following non-selection at their first choice of centre, a player may decide to trial for their alternative netball centre of their own free will.  Dispensation is not required.

Trialists must trial for their relevant age group as at 1st January 2017.
Trialists may not trial for a higher age group unless dispensation has been specifically granted by the Netball Wellington Centre General Manager.  Year 9s are therefore expected to trial for the Year 9 team and shall not be considered for Under 15 trials.

Year 9 trainings traditionally held Sunday morning and Tuesday evenings at the Hataitai Netball Courts.  If two teams selected there may be the possibility training will be moved to Wednesday evenings 6pm-8pm.  Some flexibility for change
possible and final decision will be advised as soon as able.
2017 Year 9 Training - Sunday 9.30am to 11.30am and Tuesdays 5.30pm to 7.30pm

All parents/guardians are invited to attend a Player & Parent Induction on first training day from 6.00pm to 6.20pm delivered by Netball Wellington Centre.  An opportunity for parents to meet Team Management and ask any questions while completing necessary consent forms.  Date yet to be set - parents will be advised after final team selection.

Following final team selection Team Manager/s will be in touch with all team members via email to confirm further details.  All team members are asked to please make every effort to attend trainings whether injured or otherwise as it is important to bond with the team and take on board team strategy you can still learn from the sideline.  Please remember to advise your Team Manager whether you are/are not available to attend trainings along with keeping them up to date on any injury notifications throughout the rep season.

Tournament Dates:
Marjorie Jenden Tournament
Saturday 3rd & Sunday 4th June 2017 - hosted by Netball Kapiti in Paraparaumu.  Both teams to attend.

Wellington Yr9 v Hutt Valley Yr9 29-21 (win)
Wellington Yr9 v Manawatu U15 Dev 36-16 (win)
Wellington Yr9 v Hutt Valley U15 Dev 34-15 (win)
Wellington Yr9 v Coastlands Netball Kapiti – 37-11 (win)
Wellington Yr9 v Kapi Mana 47-6 (win)
Wellington Yr9 v Hutt Valley U15 Dev 31-13 (win)
Wellington Yr9 v Hutt Valley Yr9 31-15 (win)

Year 9/Under 15 Development Final Standing and awards 
1st  Wellington Y9
2nd  Hutt Valley Y9 
3rd  Hutt Valley U15Dev 
4th  Manawatu U15 Dev
5th  Coastlands Netball Kapiti Y9
6th  Kapi Mana Y9

Umpire of the Tournament - Nathaniel Picking

Betty Steffensen Tournament
Sunday 11th June 2017 – held in Palmerston North. 
Both teams to attend.

Wellington v Kapiti  27-15 (win)
Wellington v Whanganui  37-5  (win)
Wellington v Manawatu  39-12 (win)
Wellington v Hutt Valley 25-17 (win)
Wellington v Horowhenua  32-22 (win)

Placed 1st in U15 Development Division 2 grade

Netball Wanganui Combined Tournament
Sunday 18th June 2017 –  held in Wanganui. 
In the instance there is enough talent to select a Year 9 Development Team they may attend this tournament.  Not attended by 1st Team.

Molly Dorne Tournament
Sunday 25th June 2017 -held in Levin. 
Both teams to attend.

Wellington v Manawatu  35-10 (win)
Wellington v Kapiti  23-16 (win)
Wellington v Hutt Valley  13-22 (loss)
Wellington v Kapi Mana  36-6 (win)

North Island U15 Championships
Sunday 9th to Tuesday 11th July 2017 – held in New Plymouth. 
Attended by 1st Team only.  Travel dates: depart Saturday 8th, return Tuesday 11th July.
North Island U15 Championship draw and results - click here

Wellington Year 9 vs Wairarapa U15   33-24 (win)
Wellington Year 9 vs Hamilton City 15B   27-25 (win)
Wellington Year 9 vs Hutt Valley Year 9   41-19 (win)
Wellington Year 9 vs Whangarei U15 Devel   47-22 (win)
Wellington Year 9 vs Coastlands Netball Kapiti U15   34-30 (win)
Wellington Year 9 vs Horowhenua Under 15s  29-27 (win)
Grand Final: Wellington Year 9 vs Harbourside Under 15   36-38 (loss)

Final Placings:
1st Harbourside Under 15 (Champion Promoted to B Grade for 2018 )
2nd Wellington Yr9 (Runner Up Promoted to B Grade for 2018 )
3rd Hamilton City 15B
4th Horowhenua U15
5th TEL Taranaki Yr9 Amber
6th Coastlands Netball Kapiti U15
7th Whangarei U15 Devel
8th Eastern Bay of Plenty Yr9
9th Hutt Valley Yr9
10th Gisborne
11th Wairarapa U15
12th Kapi Mana Yr9
13th Taranaki U15 Black
14th KCE Otorohanga U15
15th Hamilton City U15 Devel
16th Eastern Bay of Plenty  U15 Devel

Grade C Tournament Team:
Harbourside - Tasia Clarke
Harbourside - Olivia Jones
Harbourside - Oceana Paul
Harbourside - Kenza Taele
Wellington Yr9 - Temalesi-Isabel Rayasi
Wellington Yr9 - Torren Isako
Horowhenua - Chevaughn Ohlson
Coastlands Netball Kapiti - Brenna Akavi
Coastlands  Netball Kapiti - Sophie Pitt
Coastlands  Netball Kapiti - Cassandra Tauro
Coastlands  Netball Kapiti - Jaida Willetts
Coastlands  Netball Kapiti - Kiri Winiata-Enoka

Umpires C Grade Final:
Taranaki - Thiesan Rodgers-Lobban
Auckland - Toka Rota
Reserve: Kapiti - Jono Nicholls

Umpire Merit Awards:
Mangere Otahuhu - Israel Rakete
Kapiti - Jono Nicholls
Manawatu - Georgia Cole


Other possible rep team fundraising commitments:
• Gold Coin Days – Saturday 27th May & Saturday 24th June 2017 – collections at ASB Sports Centre venue.
• Netball Wellington Centre will book and front promotion for Movie Night or Quiz Night fundraising ventures - successfully selected players will be asked to fully support these ventures by selling tickets and promoting amongst their family and friends.
• Netball Wellington Centre may arrange other fundraising ventures such as chocolate sales or raffles on behalf of its teams - successfully selected players will be asked to fully support these ventures by selling tickets and promoting amongst their family and friends.

A link to the online nomination form will be posted here once available.  A print version of the nomination form will also be made available as an attachment at the bottom of this webpage in both a PDF or Word document format should this prove easier.

All trialists are required to submit a nomination form prior to attending the trials. 
Trialists are encouraged to self-nominate or can be nominated by their Parent/Coach/Sport Coordinator with the player's knowledge and permission.

Please take care to submit completed forms by Year 9 Rep Nominations close 12pm Tuesday 4th April 2017
Late registrations may be accepted at the discretion of Netball Wellington Centre in consultation with the Lead Coach.
We welcome all hopeful trialists and look forward to seeing your talent on display in 2017!

For further information phone or to be placed on our mailing list to receivenotification once online registrations open please contact our Netball Development Officer via email to ndo@netballwellington.co.nz or phone (04) 387 6011.


(page updated 14 July 2017)

Upcoming events in the next fortnight or so...

14 - Quad Series: Silver Ferns vs England 7am NZT
20 - Quad Series: Silver Ferns vs Australia 5.30am NZT
21 - Quad Series: Ferns vs South Africa 4.30am NZT
22 - Netball Umpire Holiday Programme for Y8+ ASBSC
23 - Holiday Position-Specific Clinic for Y7-13 ASBSC
25 - Holiday Prep for Trials Clinic for Y9-13 #1 ASBSC
28 - Holiday Prep for Trials Clinic for Y9-13 #2 ASBSC
30 - Holiday Prep for Trials Clinic for Y 9-13 #3 ASBSC

1 - Walking Netball #1 6pm to 7pm at ASBSC
11 - Netball Season Kick-Start for Y7&8 begins ASBSC
11 - Mama Brown Mon Summer Twilight begins Hataitai
12 - Netball Season Kick-Start for Y9-11 begins ASBSC
12 - 7 Weeks of Fitness #1 for all ages , 6-7pm ASBSC
13 - Mama Brown Wed Summer Twilight begins ASBSC
14&15 - Intermediate Comp begins ASBSC
14&15 - College Comp begins ASBSC
14 - Mama Brown Thurs Summer Twilight begins ASBSC
18 - Netball Ready, Set, Go! for Y5&6 begins ASBSC
21 - Planning coach course Taita 6.30pm
25 - Selecting coach course Hataitai 6.30pm
28 - Planning coach course Masterton 6.30pm

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2019 Holiday Position-Specific Clinic for Y7-13
2019 Holiday Prep for Trials Clinic for Y9-13
2019 Netball Season Kick-Start for Y7-11
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2019 Netball Ready, Set, Go! for Y5&6
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