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Revamped Netball NZ Coach Development Framework

Are you a coach trying to figure out how to take your next steps along your chosen coaching path? Take a moment to consult the attached Netball New Zealand coach development framework and view the diagram which may help point you in the right direction for where to next in terms of your personal coach development. Also includes instructions on how to access the online learning portal.more

Coaching Roles Available

Are you a keen coach looking forward to securing a coaching role for 2018? We can help spread the word amongst our community by promoting your role for you. Click here to view a current list of vacant coaching positions. If you are a school/club seeking help advertising coaching roles on offer please email with further detailsmore

Don Tricker - Life, Performance and Leadership

High performance isn’t just about talent, coaches are in the business of building self-esteem. Jason Pine delved into the story behind one of NZ’s top performance coaches, Don Tricker, uncovering his journey from coaching softball in Porirua, to High Performance Manager of the All Blacks, to his current role as the Director of Performance of the San Diego Padres Major League Baseball team.more

Wayne Goldsmith - Motivation & Coaching

An insightful article by Wayne Goldsmith regarding motivation and coaching - a misunderstood mental matter. Wayne touches upon it not being the coaches role to motivate athletes towards success as this is ineffective. Rather pour your efforts into understanding motivation to then create the environment that provides an athlete to express motivation in all they do.more

Insights into participation

Over recent months, Sport NZ has released several insights into sports participation in New Zealand including the Voice of the Participant and more recently, the Active NZ survey. Both of these have started conversations about what we are doing and why, especially in the youth space. Click this item to view some articles, videos & TEDx Talks to get you thinkingmore

Wayne's World - Radio Sport audio interviews with Wayne Goldsmith

On Radio Sport’s weekly Wednesday interview with coaching professional Wayne Goldsmith topical issues are raised and Wayne gives his insight into commonly discussed topics such as Finding the Right Coach; What is Winning; A Culture of Losing; Addressing Mental Health in Sport; Finals Fever (is a different mentality required when it comes to finals time). New audio added each weekmore

Online website resources for Netball Coaches

There are a few online coach resources available to assist with fresh ideas, some of which are free and some of which require a fee for greater functionality - question is which one is best for you? Here is a breakdown of options to help make your decision but ultimately once you have the knack to adapt and modify activities provided via coaching workshops, the world is your oyster!more

Sasha Corbin - YouTube Solo Sessions for netball development

While on the look out for activities for individuals to undertake to sharpen their netball skills in their own time and space. Gone are the days where you need a partner to help expand your skillset... as England netballer Sasha Corbin will show you in her series of Solo Sessions on YouTube you can use a make-shift ladder, wall, skipping rope and have fun in the process!more

Breaking the shoe barrier

It doesn't matter what your age or level of ability, breaking in your new netball shoes can be a painful, blistering experience. Follow these simple tips to help you break in your new netball shoes without blisters and band aids. Includes some fantastic lace-tying tips to alleviate foot bump, wide feet and black toenail discomfort! Click to readmore

futureFERNS online video resources available online

futureFERNS video resources available online - there is an exciting new range of YouTube video resources available to view futureFERNS activities and games! Have you tried 'Tiger Tiger', 'Spider Squash' or 'Force Them Back'? - follow the video link provided and them a go with your Year 1-4 team today or ADAPT for your older players as they'll no doubt have just as much fun!more

Courtside Scoring - netball scoring app

Finally it's here!
A netball scoring app that provides game analysis for the thinking player and coach. Courtside Scoring makes scoring and statistics easily available 'Courtside'. Created by Australian Netball Legend Vicki Wilson and Alysia Bridger, 'Courtside Scoring' is The #1 Netball Scoring App and is a must have for all netball players and coaches.more

Why Do Kids Hate The Ride Home?

It's a common theme... the over passionate parent and the post-match dissection no matter what the age of the athlete. But perhaps there are some things better left unsaid and there should be a lot more care and consideration given to the timing of such things. The article below suggests ways in which to turn the car ride home into a positive experience and keep it that way...more

Free Yo-Yo Test mp3 download

The Yo-Yo intermittent recovery test is the standardised fitness test of choice within our netball code to allow you to test player fitness levels. It combines short intensive runs with brief recovery periods giving a solid level of realism to the fitness requirements of intermittent sports mirroring the fitness required to play netball. Read on to find out more and download the Yo-Yo Test MP3more

ACC NetballSmart Warm Up

The newly revised ACC NetballSmart Warm Up aims to enhance performance and keep athletes from all codes injury free. Incorporates fitness and sport-specific movement to improve muscle memory and lower the risk of injuries. With a fantastic series of online resources at your fingertips it's definitely worth taking the time to familiarise yourself with these activities. Check out the YouTube links!more

The importance of risky play for physical, social and emotional development

The weather is improving and with it the opportunity for more outdoor play. An exciting component of playing outdoors is allowing an element of risk. “Risky play is a form of play that is thrilling and involves an element of potential physical injury. It most often occurs outdoors, during free play, where children challenge themselves by overcoming fear and trying something new... click to readmore

Hips Don’t Lie: 4 Drills to Unlock Your Stiff Hips

Your hips drive the vast majority of your movements, holding the key to everything from walking to squatting. If they lose range of motion, you’re bound to compensate somewhere else – cue low back and knee pain. This article by Coach Chandler Stevens shares some of the most effective tools for unlocking stiff hips and regaining mobility.more

More Speed Ladder drills to add to the mix

You may already utilise some basic speed ladder drills but if you're looking for some variety to expand and challenge players, you may like to check out some of these extra intensity drills. These should really get your player's brains ticking over and test their coordination!more

Free Apps for Netball Skill Analysis

There are a number of apps that assist athletes and coaches to develop their skills through easy skill analysis through the use of a smart phone or tablet. Two such apps are Ubsersense and Coach’s Eye which lay claim to being the best video analysis apps on the market and ire free to download and use. Read on to find out more and give them a go!more

ACL Rehab exercise ideas

England Rose mid-courter Sasha Corbin sustained an injury to her ACL, LCL and meniscus injury to her right knee which meant she was unable to take part in the 2016 Netball Superleague in the UK. As an active personality on YouTube keen to share her netball tips she has now turned her attention to sharing motivational training ideas involved with making a solid comeback from injury.more

What Is a Foam Roller, How Do I Use It, and Why Does It Hurt?

Self-myofascial release, also known as “foam rolling,” has transformed from a once mysterious technique used only by professional athletes, coaches, and therapists to a familiar everyday practice for people at all levels of fitness. Click to read full article by Jeff Kuhland - Coach via webpage.more

Sporting parents - what should we be doing?

When we look at what would motivate your child to want to do anything in life, how much do we understand about the impact of parenting in helping your child to make the choice to actually do something? Wayne Goldsmith (New Sport) travels the world delivering seminars on the role parent’s play in achieving success in sport for their children and sees parents as the key to the nurturing process.more

WOC Podcast #22 - John Kessel, USA Volleyball, Lines Teach You How, but the Game Teaches you Why

Neurosurgeons say if they practiced the way they did 18 months ago, they’d be sued for malpractice. Heart surgeons believe if they practiced the way they did 5 years ago, they’d be sued for malpractice. Yet, in youth sport coaching we still practice the way we did when we were kids. Hear what American John Kessel has to say on this matter in this Way of Champions Podcast series - link providedmore

Clubs and volunteers in a changing & modern world

Sport really is another name for community and it therefore follows that a well led sports club leads to a well led community. In other words, the sport club committee has the responsibility to 'make the choices that create the future for the community it serves'. Read our 'Clubs and volunteers in a changing and modern world' article here.more

Love is essential to leadership

This article by Jim Rettew explores another leadership model that puts love at the center. It’s not as clear cut as leading from behind or leading from the front. It’s about leading with your heart and humanity. The best way this can be summed up is ‘Love and Leadership.’ There are lots of models for leadership, what does the ‘LOVE’ look like at work? Read on to find out...more

Player Rotation spreadsheets for Coaches of Junior Teams

If you're a coach who would appreciate a little help with how to work out fair player rotations to adhere with Junior Netball Satellite requirements then the attached spreadsheets may be of help to you. All you need to do is download the relevant spreadsheet, enter your player names on Tab 1 and let the formulas will do the rest. Options for 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 players per team.more

Netball-Specific Nutrition

Thanks to the interactive workshop run as part of the Sports Talent Development Programme supported by Sport Wellington and the Wellington City Council we've now been made more aware of the importance of nutrition for growing athletes and the valuable information featured on the Sports Dieticians Australia website. Worth checking out for athletes, coaches and parents alike!more

Physical Literacy - what does this mean?

Physical Literacy encompasses the "motivation, confidence, physical competence, knowledge and understanding required by participants that allows them to value and take responsibility for engaging in physical sport and activity for life (Margaret Whitehead, 2013). Sport NZ have produced guidelines for a Physical Literacy Approach - well worth a read if aiming to deliver a quality experience for allmore

Target Passing Activity

During the 2013 ANZ Championship season, NSW Swifts players took part in a new online resource initiative - Swifts Skills Sessions.
In Episode 2, NSW Swifts co-captain Kimberlee Green shows you how to work on your passing skills by doing some 'target passing' drills.more

Girls are far more at risk of injury than boys

Did you know: Girls Are 6 Times More Likely to Get Injured Than Boys? Here's an insightful article written by Dr Craig Harrison, Programme Director - Athlete Development at AUT Millenium. Click to read...more

Athlete Centred Coaching Approach

At the recent Sport NZ Connecting Coaches Conference, Baroness Sue Campbell & Ali Oliver from the Youth Sport Trust (UK) provided an international perspective on recruiting, developing and deploying Athlete centred coaches throughout the sporting pathway.
Click here to read...more

Can you return to Netball after injury?

Allowing yourself enough time to recover from an injury is an important part of achieving maximum performance over your years of participation. When can you return to play? You should not return to play netball after an injury until you can pass the simple fitness test, have gained strength and movement in the injured area, have completed at least one full training session with no problems.more

Activities for Athletes with Disabilities

If seeking options for sport and recreation for people who may have disabilities please read on for options via the Halberg Disability Sport Foundation and also some interesting resources on offer by the Australian Sports Commission's Disability Education Program.more

Preventing Ankle Injuries

Approximately 30% of netball injuries in New Zealand are ankle sprains. Balance (or proprioception) is important for netball and for preventing ankle injuries. When you have an ankle injury, your proprioception is reduced. You're also four times more likely to sprain your ankle if you've had one or more previous sprains. If experiencing persistent ankle problems seek professional advice.more

Free Online Health & Safety Training via Sport NZ

Free online health and safety training for your workforce (paid and volunteer) is now available via Sport NZ. The training is suitable for people aged 16 or older, takes 20-30 minutes to complete and is best accessed using a computer or tablet. Learners can also opt for a paid version of the course and get the credits reported to NZQA if they have enrolled with them.more

What's New in the Rules of Netball as of 1 Jan 2016

The official Rules of Netball were updated by the International Netball Federation in August 2015, with the new rules to be in place in all Netball New Zealand associated competitions and events from 1 January 2016. To understand more, view an easy to follow series of YouTube clips produced by Netball Australia via the attached link.more

Looking after your players

Overtraining occurs when netball players push themselves too hard and train without adequate rest and recovery. Over-performing is where netball players over commit themselves during the netball season. This is more common in developing secondary school aged players who may be involved in multiple sports and or/be playing in several netball teams at various levels... click to readmore

Getting to the heart of fitness

You may think you're fit enough for netball because you go out for two slow runs a week or you play sport at lunchtimes twice a week! If that's all you're doing, you're probably not fit enough. That's the bad news. The good news is you can do something about it. It's all about improving your cardiovascular fitness by getting into your target heart rate, and often... click to readmore

Netball periodisation

This plan gives an overview of the four different training periods that make up the year for netball players - Off-Season, Pre-Season, In-Season, and Active Rest. Click to read...more

Reminder: NNZ implement new INF Rules from 1 Jan 2016

Netball NZ will be implementing the new Official Rules of Netball, as set down by the International Netball Federation (INF), from 1 January 2016. To familiarise yourself with the changes, click this news item to read on...more

Coaching Levels & Competencies for Club, Secondary and Rep coaches

For Clubs, Schools and Centres seeking some guidance on expectations and competencies you should be seeking when appointing coaches, you may find it handy to refer to the attached document compiled in collaboration between Netball NZ and Netball Central Zone. By no means an absolute definitive guide to the skills your coaches should possess but certainly helps create a standard to build on furthermore

How Can I Develop My Coaching Skills?

So, you are keen to learn more about the great sport of Netball? Or transitioning from playing to coaching and unsure where to start? Or maybe you used to play at college and have now been asked to coach your daughter's school netball team? Here are some ideas for where to head if seeking help to develop your coaching skills...more

Coach Development - Request Form

The Netball Wellington Centre offers the opportunity for individuals/schools/clubs/groups to request assistance with facilitating development programmes, activities and opportunities within the Wellington City area. The three key areas we cater for are Coach Development, Umpire development and Player development. Read on to find out more...more

Group Netball Fitness Jump Training

Stuck for training ideas? Keen to hone in on strength and conditioning but unsure where to start? Check out this awesome group netball fitness jump-training YouTube clip published by Bob Wood who has worked with the UK East Midlands Netball Squads and educated them using his jump and plyometric knowledge.more

NNZ Community Coach Award application form

Click this news item to access a link to an editable version of the Netball New Zealand Community Coach Award application form - now it's even easier to complete, save and return to to get the ball rolling on receiving this Netball New Zealand accreditation.more

Where to Access Additional Coaching Resources

If you are seeking further resources to compliment your coaching bag of tricks, take a look at the ideas provided here including web links...more

A Good Coach Knows Their Stuff...

Click this item for a point in the right direction on where to go to keep on top of International rules of netball as well as Netball New Zealand regulations, policies and helpful coaching documents overlying our great game throughout New Zealand.more

Sport NZ online coaching newsletter resource

Tap into this great online publication full of interesting articles from a variety of sports perspectives - some with generic insight and others with more of a netball focus but all valuable learning. Enjoy an enlightening read by following this link:

Using Agility/Evasion Belts in your coaching session

Agility/Evasion belts are another handy tool used by coaches to heighten the ability for players to dodge effectively to lose their partner and encourage defence to stick to their player closely to avoid being evaded. Made use of in a wide variety of sports, check out these handy ways to tailor their use within your netball coaching session for a bit of variety...more

What is K-Tape & how does it work?

K-Tape is an elastic sports and fitness tape designed for muscle, ligament and tendon pain relief and support. It has recently become a common method of treating, supporting and preventing injuries. NWC have both the usual strapping tape and K-Tape for sale for $8 a roll. If keen to learn how to apply to gain maximum benefit, we suggest checking out this website:

Crazy Catch/Rebound Net Drills

If you are fortunate enough to have access to one or more Crazy Catch or Rebound Nets, these videos illustrate ways in which it can be used to benefit speedy reaction and replicate netball-specific movements in a through-court, shooting, intercept and warm-up capacity as demonstrated by members of the Australian and English Netball Teams.more

Ball Skills - Floor Drills

Gain some handy yet challenging ball drill ideas from this video released by the NSW Swifts. While borrowed from basketball, many help increase hand-eye coordination, manual dexterity and peripheral vision. Activities can be tailored to a wide range of age and skill levels so get your thinking caps on coaches and incorporate these into your session plans to keep your players on their toes!more

Coach Article - Reverse Coaching by Wayne Goldsmith

Netball New Zealand CoachForce Newsletters often feature an interesting perspective on common coaching themes. This article on Reverse Coaching - Under Coaching, Over Coaching, and How to Tell the Difference is an excerpt from a book called Over Coaching compiled by Wayne Goldsmith. Food for thought coaches!more

Brush up on player's Elevation Skills

Elevation tips & tricks from a member of the SA Netball team, Vanes-Mari Du Toit. Through completing a number of the skills displayed in this educational training video, players can gain the edge on executing jumps and gain aerial explosiveness for rebounds and intercepts.more

Useful Skills & Drills

On the look out for new ideas? Here's a selection of drills & activities to add to your coaching toolkit...more

Handy Warm Up Activities

Handy warm up ideas for coaches to keep up their sleeves to add a bit of fun and variety...more

NetballSmart - Jump Landing Training

This fantastic NetballSmart Jump Landing Training research compiled by Guy Mothersole (High Performance Sport New Zealand) complete with four video demonstrations has been brought to our attention. It is highly recommended as a tool for coaches to learn effective Jump Landing technique and impart it onto their players.more

Positional Information - Wing Attack

Here's a look at the physical, mental, skill and tactical attributes of a good Wing Attackmore
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1 - Walking Netball #1 6pm to 7pm at ASBSC
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14&15 - College Comp begins ASBSC
14 - Mama Brown Thurs Summer Twilight begins ASBSC
18 - Netball Ready, Set, Go! for Y5&6 begins ASBSC
21 - Planning coach course Taita 6.30pm
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28 - Planning coach course Masterton 6.30pm

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