Frequently Asked Questions...

* When was the Netball Wellington Centre first established?
The Netball Wellington Centre was first established in 1918 which means we are fast approaching our 100 year jubilee celebrations in 2018 - exciting times ahead!

* I've heard there are new rules as of 1st January 2016 - what are they?
For a quick snapshot of key rules for players, coaches and umpires view this New Rules For Netball document produced by Netball Australia.
Technically there are a number of rule amendments therefore if wishing to familiarise yourself in full along with the reason behind each change visit the Netball New Zealand website via this link: Rule Changes & Interpretations - What's New
To see all rules laid out in a viewer-friendly easy-to-comprehend video follow this link to view a series of clips produced by Netball Australia outlining the changes.

*  What equipment is required to play netball and what are the dimensions of a netball court?
For ANZ futureFERNS (Year 1-4 currently in operation with Year 5-8 soon to be initiated):  
This is a new Netball New Zealand initative piloted in 2013-2014 and implemented in 2015.
The aim for Year 1-4 is to explore netball basics and just let them play!
The modified equipment and game is designed to be fast and fun, maximising participation and touches of the ball to make things easier for smaller people.

Year 1&2 (roughly age 5&6) play a modified game across one third of a netball court which is about 10.16m x 15.25m in size.  Games are up to 2 x 8 minute halves in duration.  Teams consist of 4 players each on court.  There is no use of umpires or whistles.  Hula hoops held by parents are used rather than goal posts to allow the hoop to be readily moved to assist youngsters to score more goals however if goal posts are available they should be set to a maximum of 2.1m height.  Bibs are smaller sizes and left blank as there are no fixed positions.  A rubber grip ball of about 20cm diameter is used as it is lighter, easier to catch and eases any fear of the ball inadvertently contacting the body/face.  Players must pass or shoot within 5 seconds.  One senior coach/assistant is allowed on court per team to give direction.  There is no defence allowed to allow the ball thrower space to pass and vision for passing options.  Rolling substitutions are permitted at any time during the game.  Read more about Year 1&2 netball via Netball New Zealand's ANZ futureFERNS website

Year 3&4 (roughly age 7&8) play a modified game across two thirds of the netball court which is about 20.3m x 15.25m.  There are two marked goal circles at each end of a 4.9m radius (easily created by attaching chalk to a string and tying one end to the goalpost while drawing a 4.9m semi circle).  Games are up to 4 x 8 minutes quarters in duration.  Teams consist of 5 players each on court.  There is no use of umpires or whistles.  Low goal posts are used and set between 2.1m up to a max height of 2.6m - whatever height best allows for maximum success getting the ball through the hoop.  Bibs are smaller sizes and feature three letters indicating position 2 x A (Attack), 2 x D (Defence) and 1 x C (Centre) or a normal set of bibs can be used with WA & WD removed.  A size 4 netball is used to encourage success with passing and catching and ease fear of being hit by the ball.  Players must pass or shoot within 5 seconds.  One senior coach/assistant is allowed on court per team to give direction.  Players must defend from 1 metre away.  Rolling substitutions are permitted at any time during the game.  Read more about Year 3&4 netball via Netball New Zealand's ANZ futureFERNS website

Year 5&6 (roughly 9-10 years):   
Currently the emphasis for this age group is on fun, active participation, and netball specific movement and skill development. 
Modified equipment can be used.  Depending on individual Junior Netball Satellite rules, goal posts may be lowered to 2.6 metres (8' 6").  Likewise dependant on individual Junior Netball Satellite rules, the ball size may vary from size 4 to size 5.  Standard netball positional bibs are used.
NB: Netball New Zealand are currently piloting a new 6-a-side modified game specifically for the Year 5&6 age group.  Following thorough research it will be decided whether this will then be implemented by Junior Netball Satellites nation-wide starting in 2016.  The emphasis is on all players getting plenty of touches of the ball and the opportunity to develop a broad skill set.  The game will be played on a full size court.  Games are up to 4 x 8 minute quarters in duration. Teams consist of 6 players each on court.  Two umpires are utilised with whistles.  Low goal posts are used set to a max height of 2.6m.  Bibs are used and feature three letters indicating position 2 x A (Attack), 2 x D (Defence) and 2 x C (Centre) or a normal set of bibs can be used with WA or WD removed.  A size 4 ball is used.  Players must pass or shoot within 5 seconds.  Players must defend from 1 metre away.  Substitutions are permitted at an interval or when play is stopped for injury or illness.  Recommendation for players to play a minimum of half a game and rotate to ensure equal opportunities in all positions.  Read more about Year 5&6 netball via Netball New Zealand's ANZ futureFERNS website.

Year 7&8 (roughly 11-12 years):
Netball New Zealand are currently reviewing this programme due to be rolled out in 2016 and beyond.  The broad emphasis goes on to skill improvement as well as participation and fun. Performance, challenge and ‘playing’ are keys for this age group.  The game will be played on a full size court.  Games are 4 x 10 minute quarters in duration.  Teams consist of 7 players each on court.  Two umpires are utilised with whistles.  Standard goal posts are used set to a height of 3.05m.  A size 5 ball is used.  Mimimum of half a game player participation time is recommended.  Read more about Year 7&8 netball via Netball New Zealand's ANZ futureFERNS website.

For traditional standard NETBALL (11 years - to adult):  
Focus is on position-specific skill development after establishing a solid base in the basic skills.
As per the International Rules of Netball: 
Full height goal posts of 3.05 metres (10' high) and shall be placed at the mid-point of each Goal Line.  A metal ring with an internal diameter of 380mm (15") shall project horizontally 150mm (6") from the top of the post, the attachment to allow 150mm (6") between the post and the near side of the ring.  The ring shall be of steel rod 15mm (5/8") in diameter, fitted with a net, which shall be preferably white, clearly visable and open at both ends.  Both ring and net form part of the goalpost.  The goalpost shall be 65mm-100mm (2.5"-4") in diameter.  The back of the goalpost shall be placed so that the back of the goalpost is at the outside of the goal line.  Positional bibs and size 5 balls are used.  The ball must measure between 690mm - 710mm (27" - 28") in circumference and weigh between 400 grams - 450 grams (14 ounces - 16 ounces).  The ball may be of leather, rubber or similar material.  Players tend to now specialise in one or two positions or in a certain area of the court ie, shooting, defending, circle.

The netball court is to have a firm surface and measures 30.5m (100 feet) long and 15.25m (50 feet) wide and is divided into thirds.  Each court has a center circle with a diameter of 0.9 metres (3 feet) and two goal circles which are semi-circles measuring 4.9 metres (16 feet) in radius. All lines are part of the court and measure 50mm (2 inches) in width, preferably white and clearly visible.  The netball goal posts are placed mid point of each goal line.  A game consists of 4 x 15 minute quarters with an interval of 3 minutes between the first and second and third and fourth quarters and either a 5 or 10 minute half time interval as determined by the Competition/Event Organiser, prior to the start of the competition/event. As part of the new rule changes there is only 30 seconds allowed for injury time.

Suitable sports footwear may be worn.  Spiked soles are not allowed.  Registered playing uniforms, which shall include playing position initials, must be worn at all times.  Playing position initials shall be worn above the waist both front and back and shall be 150mm (6") high.  No item of jewellery, except a wedding ring and/or medical alert bracelet, can be worn.  If either or both are worn, each must be taped.  No adornment that may endanger player safety shall be worn.  Fingernails must be short and smooth.

*   Our team need new uniforms - where can I go to find out more and get quotes?
BLK - stock BLK pro team sporting apparel as well as the new BLK Core, Performance and Sports leisure apparel
Phone: 09 415 1888 based in Auckland with sales reps throughout the country
Email: sales@blksport.co.nz

A1 Embroidery & Screenprint - based in Petone (325 Jackson Street) can assist with screenprinting/embroidering logos onto uniform items.
Website: http://www.a1embroidery.co.nz/
Phone: 04 568 6226
Email: sales@a1embroidery.co.nz

Sports Distributors stock Gilbert, Lotto, SAS and Avaro brands amongst others
Website: http://sportsdistributors.co.nz/ or http://www.sportsdistributors.co.nz/index.php/teamwear/uniforms-teamwear/netball-uniforms
Phone: 0800 656 735 – based in Tauranga or contact Wellington Sales & Merchandising Representative Mike Walsh on 021 237 6687
Email – mike@sportsdistributors.co.nz.  No email address provided but possible to email via the “Contact” section on their website.

Kukri Sports - an international sportswear manufacturer supplying bespoke teamwear for over 100 sports
Website: www.kukrisports.co.nz/
Phone: 07 846 1023
Email: sales@kukri.co.nz

NZ Uniforms stock Canterbury and their own brand
Website: Own stock - www.nzuniforms.com/  or for Canterbury brand: http://www.nzuniforms.com/pages/Netball%20Dresses.htmx
Phone: 0800 NZUNIFORMS - based in Porirua
Email: contactus@nzuniforms.com

Strata Sports stock the Mitre brand
Website: http://www.stratasports.co.nz/netball
Phone: 09 838 4999 – based in Auckland
Email – no email address provided but possible to email via the “Contact Us” section on their website. 

Website: http://www.kooga.co.nz/ or more specifically for information for Schools - http://www.sportsground.co.nz/files/Site/140/59/120525143307RVCSBEQJ_w.jpg
Phone: Rhys Thurston (Sales Rep for Central and Lower North Island) - 027 566 4003
Email: rhys@kooga.co.nz

*   I want to start playing netball... but where do I start?
As a netball centre we are not inclinced to promote one club above another so invite you to explore the information on our website under the "Competitions - Winter Season - Where to Start" tab located along the top of our Home Page (www.netballwellington.co.nz).  Please note that all information featured via the links provided is the responsibility of each club to maintain so best to contact them directly for up to date information.

Alternatively, please visit the individual club websites via the links provided below.  Please bear in mind that only clubs with active websites/Facebook pages are included below.  The below links should take you to each Netball Club’s webpage and allow you to access contact information for each club.  Each Club is responsible for updating their own website content so best to contact them directly for up to date information.  These websites should give you a good idea of what’s on offer, how many teams each club has to offer and possible trial/selection dates once made available.

Hiko Health & Fitness
Karori Netball Club
Kia Ora Netball Club
Oriental Rongotai Netball Club
PIC Netball Club
SCOG Netball Club
SMOG Netball Club
St Francis Netball Club
Victoria University Netball Club
Wellington East Netball Club
Wellington Northern United
Wellington Olympic

Some clubs hold pre-season fitness sessions starting start just before netball trials which are usually scheduled sometime in February/March each year. 

To get involved in playing netball over the winter season, it would be best to approach any club of interest directly and make enquiries.  Clubs welcome new members and various clubs offer a range of competitive to social teams to suit your interest and playing level.  There is no “zone” system operating in Wellington so you do not need to feel that you must join a club closest to your home address.  Netball Clubs do not have clubrooms in the same way that rugby or softball teams do therefore it is really just a matter of which club fits in with your schedule in terms of trial dates and practices and has the right vibe for you.  The majority of teams practice at the ASB Sports Centre with some still training outdoors at the Hataitai Netball Courts. 

If currently playing for another Centre (eg, Kapi Mana Netball Centre based in Porirua, Netball Hutt Valley Centre based in Taita, Netball Kapiti based in Paraparaumu, Netball Wairapa based in Masterton, Netball Horowhenua based in Levin) and wishing to also in our Netball Wellington Centre Winter Competition we require a dispensation form to be completed by the player and submitted to our General Manager.  A form can be sourced via this link.  If already playing for Netball Wellington Centre and wishing to also play in another Centre's competition we suggest you consult that Centre's eligibility rules prior as each Centre's rules may vary.

The Netball Wellington Centre winter season dates run from the beginning of April through to beginning of September (for Prem/Prem Reserve/Senior grades).  The Collegiate season runs from the beginning of May through to the end of August.  There are no games played on the following public holidays - ANZAC Weekend 23rd April, Queen Birthday Weekend 4th June.  Collegiate grades also take a break during the school holidays - on 9th and 16th July.

Our Centre's Winter Competition is played across two venues.  The Hataitai Netball Courts located at 43 Ruahine Street in Hataitai hosts Collegiate grades 4 & 5 along with Junior Collegiate 1 & 2 played outdoors.  The ASB Sports Centre located at 72 Kemp Street in Kilbirnie hosts the majority of the competition from Premier, Premier Reserve, Senior and Collegiate grades 1, 2 & 3.

Throughout the year we also run Twilight Netball leagues.  Twilight Netball is a good way to get back into netball ahead of the season, keep fit during the season and keep playing netball all year round. These are run at the following times:
Summer League - early February to late April.  Offers Monday outdoors at Hataitai for Womens & Mixed grades, Wednesday and Thursday indoors at ASB Sports Centre for Womens and Mixed grades.
Autumn League - early May to early July.  Offers Wednesday and Thursday indoors at ASB Sports Centre for Women's and Mixed grades. 
Winter League - late July to late September.  Offers Wednesday and Thursday indoors at ASB Sports Centre for Women's and Mixed grades.
Spring League - early October to mid December.  Offeres Monday outdoors at Hataitai for Womens & Mixed grades, Wednesday and Thursday indoors at ASB Sports Centre for Womens and Mixed grades.

*   When does the 2016 season start and end?
Our anticipated date for Senior Grading will be Saturday 9th April 2016 (compulsory for all Senior teams).  
Premier, Premier Reserve and Senior grades will start their first game of the season on Saturday 16th April 2016. 
All Collegiate grade games start on Saturday 14th May 2016.

There will be NO GAMES played on Saturday 23rd April (ANZAC Weekend) or Saturday 4th June (Queen's Birthday Weekend).
Collegiate grades also have NO GAMES played on Saturday 9th and Saturday 16th July 2016.  All other grades continue as normal.

Our anticipated 2016 Finals Day for Premier, Premier Reserve and Senior grades is Saturday 10th September 2016.  Collegiate Finals Day will take place on Saturday 3rd September 2016.

A Prize-giving Ceremony will take place on Finals Day following each final match.
Premier, Premier Reserve and Senior grade Prize-giving held on Saturday 10th September at the ASB Sports Centre.
Collegiate Finals Day held on Saturday 3rd September simultaneously at both the ASB Sports Centre and Hataitai Netball Courts.

*   Why is the draw not out?
Draws should be available under the "Draws & Results" tab on our website at www.netballwellington.co.nz at least 3 days prior to your game day.  For Twilight League games we endeavour to send an email notification to all Team Organisers to advise once the draw has been updated on the website.  Team members and umpires are then responsible for checking the website themselves.

For Saturday Winter Competition games we endeavour to make the draw available on the website at least a week prior to the start of the competition.  It is only possible to release an advance draw round by round as results/final placings affect future rounds eg, Round 1, Challenge Round, Championship Round.

*   Why can't I find my draw online?
In order to fully utilise our Fox Sports Pulse website, it is best if your internet browser runs off Microsoft Internet Explorer version 10 or more recent.  Mozilla Firefox, Safari and Google Chrome (recommended) internet browsers running the latest version should run without problem on both desktop and mobile devices.
You may experience limited functionality if using Microsoft Internet Explorer version 7, 8 or 9 or older versions of Mozilla Firefox, Safari and Google Chrome.  Note: Some functionality on Fox Sports Pulse built websites may rely on the use of one or all of Javascript, Adobe Flash or Cookies. If a user disables one of these technologies in their browser then the website may not function properly.

From the website's Home Page, click the "Draw & Results" option on the top header toolbar.  Select the competition you are interested in from the list of options provided at the top of the page coloured yellow.  Identify the right competition night/playing grade and click on the "Draws" link on the right hand side.  The page should then automatically load to show the upcoming matches due to be played.  If you cannot find the right date then make sure you have selected the correct category eg, "Mixed", "Womens", Pool" or "Final Matches" option located in the black header toolbar below the "Draws & Results" heading.  The page should then load with a list of all relevant matches and you should find your game listed. To easily look up another grade use the drop-down box located at the top right hand area to select the correct name of another grade.  After completing the above, should you still encounter any problems please feel free to email us for clarification to games@netballwellington.co.nz or phone (04) 387 6002.

*   How do I find out if my game has been cancelled?
If you play indoors at ASB Sports Centre your game will not be cancelled unless extreme circumstances beyond our control prevail.
If playing outdoors at the Hataitai Netball Courts games may be cancelled only if the weather is very bad or the wind chill factor is substancial.  There are two ways to check for cancellations:

Radio - broadcast on Newstalk ZB from 7.30am on Saturday mornings
Facebook - update posted on the Netball Wellington Centre Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/netballwellingtoncentre
Website - update posted on the Netball Wellington Centre website http://www.netballwellington.co.nz/
There is no opportunity to catch up games lost due to weather.

*     How do I register my team on Saturday during the Winter Competition?
At the ASB Sports Centre (Premier 1, Prem Reserve, Seniors & Collegiate 1-3 grades):
On arrival at the ASB Sports Centre head in the main doors and past the main ASB Sports Centre Reception Desk towards the Sports Control Desk located in the spine of the building.  The Sports Control Desk acts as a Game Office whereby you can approach the desk to tell the Games Day Supervisor that you wish to register your team.  Please provide your team's name and what time the team is due to play.  The Game Day Supervisor will then mark your team as present.  You will be asked to then complete a Team Registration Form where you will be asked to indicate players intending to take the court from week-to-week.  Please come prepared to write down both the full first and last name for any and all team members who intend to take the court on the day.  If playing in a round that is self-umpired and your opposition has already registered prior to your team, you will be required to take the card to the court allocated to your game.  There needs to be a minimum of 5 players present to be able to start your game.

At the Hataitai Netball Courts (Collegiate 4 & 5 and Junior Collegiate 1 & 2 grades):
On arrival at the Hataitai courts go to the Games Office situated on the ground floor of the Pavilion.  Inside the building you will find a registration window called the Games Office (located opposite the entry to the Toilets and beside the First Aid Room).  At the window, let the Game Day Supervisor know that you would like to register your team and provide the team name and what time your team is due to play.  The Game Day Supervisor will then tick your team off as having registered.  You will be asked to then complete a Team Registration Form where you will be asked to indicate players intending to take the court from week-to-week.  Please come prepared to write down both the full first and last name for any and all team members who intend to take the court on the day.  If playing in a round that is self-umpired and your opposition team has already registered prior to your team, you will be required to take the card to the court allocated to your game.  There needs to be a minimum of 5 players present to be able to start your game. 

*   What do I do when I don't have enough players for my team?
Teams may borrow players from a lower numbered team to fill in for your team, BUT, you may not utilise players from a higher numbered team.  You may play in the same grade but must be numbered higher.  Once a player has played up in a higher numbered team 3 times, that player has to move up and remain in the higher numbered team.  That player must then be regraded to that team/grade.  They are unable to play down in a lower grade/team again.  Premier Players must complete a Playing Up form - to access a Playing Up form approach the Sports Control Desk & ask the Game Day Supervisor.

*   What do I do when umpiring a game?
There will be 2 umpires required at every game.  For the self-umpired rounds, these will be one representative from your team and one from the opposition.  If you are allocated by the Games Office to a game, you must report to the Games Office for umpire duty IMMEDIATELY FOLLOWING YOUR GAME whether you are rostered on or listed as a Reserve Umpire.  
Umpires must BRING THEIR OWN WHISTLE or pay $5 to purchase one from the Sports Control Desk.
Umpires need to be on court at least 5 minutes prior to the start of the next round.  Umpires are responsible for completing a pre-game jewellery check.  Players are not to wear jewellery of any kind - no jewellery is permitted other than a taped wedding band.  A medic alert bracelet/necklace is also permitted but must be taped to the body.  Also check that fingernails are short and smooth, no chewing gum and that all players are wearing the same uniform registered to their team (ie, no visible bike shorts, no long sleeve polypropylene garments under their uniform unless permitted).  A scorer must be provided by the teams.  Umpires do not change ends at the end of the quarters - the teams do.  At the end of the game it is the umpires responsibility to safely return the match card to the office.

*   How long is a netball game?
Senior grading rounds are played in 2 x 10 minute halves.  The bell will indicate the end of each half during the grading rounds. 

Saturday Winter Competition games vary.  Premier 1-3 play 4 x 15 minute quarters.  Break times are 3 minutes taken between the 1st and 3rd quarter breaks and a 5 minute break taken at half time.  These may come under review.

Premier Reserve, Senior, Collegiate, Junior Collegiate and Twilight Leagues play 4 x 10 minute quarters with the bell indicating the end of each quarter.  There is a 1.5 minute break taken at the 1st and 3rd quarter breaks and a 2 minute break taken at half time. 

Injury time for all grades can be taken but may only be up to 30 seconds duration.  Clocks are not stopped and time is not played out at the end of each quarter.  Time should not be caught up as this impacts in timings for follow-on games.  It is up to the umpires in consultation with each team to decide the serious nature of any injuries.

*   What if my team needs to default?
Contact the Games Coordinator as soon as possible prior to Friday in writing via email to games@netballwellington.co.nzAll default notifications received prior to 12.00 noon on the Friday before the scheduled game incurs the following fine:

  • Premier, Premier Reserve and Senior teams: $100.00 PLUS the loss of two championship points
  • Collegiate and Junior Collegiate teams: $40.00 PLUS the loss of two championship points

A late default fine will be incurred for defaulting after 12.00 noon on the Friday prior to the scheduled game.  A late default (notified after 12.00 noon on the Friday before the scheduled game or a no-show on the day) incurs the following fines which must be paid before the next playing day:

  • Premier, Premier Reserve and Senior Competition teams: $200.00 PLUS loss of two competition points.
  • Collegiate and Junior Collegiate teams: $100.00 PLUS loss of two competition points

If the fine is not paid within two weeks of the late default, the team will be withdrawn until payment is made. 

A defaulting team will still need to fulfil their team's umpiring committments on the day.  Please note failure to turn up for umpire duty will result in a second fine.

*   What if our team doesn't show up for their umpire duty on the day?

If a team fails to report to the Sports Control Desk for umpire duty they will incur the following fine:

  • $50 per umpire (ie, $100 per team if providing 2 umpires) PLUS loss of two competition points

*   What if my team has forgotten their bibs on game day?
Bibs are available for hire from the Games Office located downstairs in the Netball Pavilion on game days. The cost of hire is $10.00 for bond and $10.00 for hire.  The full set of 7 bibs MUST be returned at the conclusion of the game and the $10.00 bond will be returned. 
If a team needs to source bibs for the duration of the season we stock overhead sets of elastic-sided bibs (not velcro) for purchase for $60.00.  Bib orders must be placed by emailing games@netballwellington.co.nz  and once in stock may be collected from the Games Office before the game on the day.

*   How would I go about seeing a live netball game?
During the Winter Season games are played regularly every Saturday at the ASB Sports Centre from 8.00am to 5.00pm and at Hataitai Netball Courts betwen 12.00pm and 4.00pm.  You are welcome to come and have a look.  Grades ranging from Junior Collegiate, Senior Collegiate, Senior, Premier Reserve and Premier will be playing.

The national ANZ Championship games begin on Friday 1st April 2016 with the grand final held by the 25th July 2016.  To view the full schedule for the season visit the ANZ Championship website
To view the full schedule for the Central Pulse season visit the Pulse website

Round 1: HOME GAME - Central Pulse v WBOP Magic
Monday 4 April, 7.40pm

TSB Bank Arena, Wellington

Round 2: AWAY GAME - Queensland Firebirds v  Central Pulse
Monday 11 April, 9.10pm (NZT)

BCEC, Brisbane

Round 3: HOME GAME - Central Pulse v Northern Mystics
Monday 18 April, 7.40pm

TSB Bank Arena, Wellington

Round 4: AWAY GAME - Southern Steel v Central Pulse
Sunday 24 April, 4.10pm

ILT Stadium Southland, Invercargill

Round 5: HOME GAME - Central Pulse v Mainland Tactix
Sunday 1 May, 4.10pm

Te Rauparaha Arena, Porirua

Round 6: AWAY GAME - NSW Swifts v Central Pulse
Sunday 8 May, 2.10pm (NZT)
SOPSC, Sydney

Round 7: AWAY GAME - Northern Mystics v Central Pulse
Monday 16 May, 7.40pm

The Trusts Arena, Auckland

Round 8: HOME GAME - Central Pulse v South Steel
Monday 23 May, 7.40pm

TSB Bank Arena, Wellington

Round 9: AWAY GAME - WBOP Magic v Central Pulse
Monday 30 May, 7.40pm

ASB Baypark, Tauranga

Round 10: Bye 

Round 11: HOME GAME - Central Pulse v Adelaide Thunderbirds
Sunday 12 June, 4.10pm

Te Rauparaha Arena, Porirua

Round 12: AWAY GAME - Mainland Tactix v Central Pulse
Monday 20 June, 7.10pm

Horncastle Arena, Christchurch 

Round 13: AWAY GAME - Perth Fever v Central Pulse
Saturday 25 June, 7.10pm (NCZ)

HBF Stadium / Perth Arena, Perth

Round 14: HOME GAME - Central Pulse v Melbourne Vixens
Monday 4 July, 7.40pm
TSB Bank Arena, Wellington

The 2016 Regional Super League games begin on Thursday 2nd June played at Walter Nash Stadium in Taita organised by Netball Hutt Valley Centre.  Please consult the following link to check the game schedule which should be posted once confirmed: www.netballhuttvalley.co.nz

Television Coverage
SKY Television tends to offer LIVE coverage of the Silver Ferns test series.  All games are also usually replayed during primetime free-to-air on Prime Television.  SKY Sport will also offer replays of each match, please check www.sky.co.nz or the onscreen EPG (Electronic Programme Guide) for further details. 
ANZ Championship Games are also screened on TV ONE either LIVE or near live every Saturday afternoon from 3.30pm, subject to programming commitments.  TV ONE every Saturday afternoon from 3.30pm.

* What regional, national and international netball fixtures are coming up in 2016?
To view a calendar of events held in and around the Netball Central Zone (Taranaki - Hawke's Bay - Manawatu - Wellington) click here

Week of 1st April - ANZ Championship commences. Grand Finals held 25 July.
25th - 27th March - NZ Mens & Mixed Easter Tournament hosted by Netball Waitakere
25th - 27th March - Aotearoa Maori Netball Oranga Healthy Lifestyles (AMNOHL) Tournament hosted by Tainui Waka in Hamilton
Late May/Early June - Trans Tasman Secondary School Netball Tournament Venue and dates to be confirmed
19th May - College Sport Wellington Premier Tournament hosted at ASB Sports Centre
10th - 12th July - North Island U15 Championship held in New Plymouth
11th - 14th July - NZ Age Group U19 Championship held in Nelson
18th to 21st July - NZ Age Group U17 Tournament held in Rangiora
29th August - 2nd September - Lower North Island Secondary Schools Tournament hosted in Wanganui
4th - 7th October - NZ Secondary Schools Netball Championships held at Walter Nash Stadium in Lower Hutt
16th - 23rd October - NZ Men's International Netball Tournament held in Porirua
29th - 30th October - Fast5 Netball World Series held in Melbourne
The World Youth Netball Championships will be next held in Botswana in 2017.

For further calendar events, check out the Netball New Zealand website: http://www.mynetball.co.nz/events.html

*   What resources are recommended by Netball New Zealand for Coaches?
Our Centre has some books in our resource library which are available to borrow.  As they are single copies we are only able to lend them out for a limited time before we ask that they are returned.  They include some of the best resources available and are well worth the investment to be retained for future reference.  Email ndo@netballwellington.co.nz for a complete list of available resources for loan.

Sports Distributors are the recommended retailer for all Netball New Zealand recommended resources.   Their contact details are:
Phone: 0800 656 735
Fax: 0800 656 300
Email: sales@sportsdistributors.co.nz
View the online Sports Distributor catalogue http://www.sportsdistributors.co.nz/

While slightly dated, recommended resources include the first book in the former Fun Fern series is an A5 size booklet “Getting Started into Netball Coaching” specifically written for Fun Ferns level.  The booklet covers the basics including the role of the coach, principles of fairplay, managing behaviours, communication, how to teach new skills, giving feedback, sport safety & injury prevention, and planning.  There is also a section towards the back that covers a 10 week session plan detailing ideas for warm-up activities, games, ball skills, modified games and cool down activities.  Furthermore it outlines the basic key skills that should be achieved at Fun Ferns level made up of bounce pass, catching, lob pass, chest pass, running, jumping and landing.

The follow-up book to this is another A5 size booklet “More Activities for Fun Ferns Netball” which complements the first.  As the name suggests, it provides further suggestions for Netball Game Progressions and further warm-up activities, games, ball skills, modified games and cool down activities to further pad-out those offered in the “Getting Started into Netball Coaching” booklet.

There is another book that carries on after the first two which again, is another A5 size booklet called “Ready to Play Netball”.  This booklet covers still more warm up activities, balance and ball skill activities to further develop players.

Another highly recommended resource is the A4 size book called “Future Ferns Netball Sessions” which contains plenty more of drills, skills, and session ideas that can be modified for use by players from a young age right through to club level.  It is well set-out and easy to use and remains in common use by coaches from all coach communities.

Another great resource for those that wish to consider following the Netball New Zealand Coach Accreditation Pathway.  If enroling to attend the first introductory coaching module – Starting Out In Coaching – attendees will receive a “Coaching Tool Kit” as part of their attendance fee and gain additional understanding about how to utilise the resource to maximum effect.  The Coaching Tool Kit is an impressive resource outlining netball specific areas such as Athlete Development, Skill Development, Tactical Development, Rules in Action, Leadership, Coaching Process, Self Development, Programme Management, Further Development and provides a list of further resources for ongoing development.  If wishing to purchase this resource for immediate use outside of receiving one as part of attending the Centre's Starting Out In Coaching coaching modules on offer throughout the year, you are welcome to source the resource in the Pasgaard Sports Distributors catalogue attached at the bottom of the screen.

*   How do I go about developing my coaching skills?
A number of coaching courses, formal modules and other informal coaching events are offered throughout each season.  Details for all coach development events can be found on the website's Home Page by hovering over the "Coaching" link on the menu bar across the top of the home page.  A drop-down list will appear and select "Development Courses & Special Events" from the list or follow this link.  Follow the links or details provided in each entry in order to access the relevant Registation Form.  We encourage you to register early to avoid disppointment.  Formal Netball New Zealand coaching modules can only be run with a minimum of 8 attendees and hoa maximum of 16 attendees.  The capacity varies for other informal events. 

If wishing to follow the Netball NZ Coach Accrediation Pathway it is possible to achieve the Community Coach Award by attending five compulsory modules - Player Centred Coaching is the pre-requisite followed by Communicaiton & Managing Others, Skill Analysis, Team Building and Planning (in any order).

If you have any further questions about Coach Development opportunities, please contact the Netball Development Officer - Maria Hegarty on (04) 387 6011 or email ndo@netballwellington.co.nz.

*   How do I enquire about hiring the Netball Pavilion or outside Courts?
If you would like to hire our facilities at the Hataitai Park Pavilion or use the outside courts at Hataitai, you can find details about facilities on offer and costs can be found on our website's Home Page by hovering over the "About Us" link on the menu bar across the top of the home page.  A drop-down list will appear and select "Venue Hire" from the list or click here for venue hire information.  All requests shall be considered.  Phone our office on 04 387 6002 or email info@netballwellington.co.nz.

If wishing to hire the courts at the ASB Sports Centre for trainings, please contact ASB Sports Centre directly via phone to 04 830 0500 or email sportscentre@wcc.govt.nz.

*   How do I go about making a complaint?
If you feel that there has been some sort of misconduct by a player or supporter, there is a dispute about the game's final result, you feel strongly about a problem with your umpires, there is an unfinancial or illegal player who has taken the court or you suspect is playing down a grade or playing for more than one Centre without permissiono or any other direct breach of rules, and you would like to lodge a formal complaint please follow the following steps:

  • If the incident occurs on game day, please come to the Games Office or Sports Control Desk at the time of the incident.  The Duty Manager or Duty Umpire (whoever is applicable) will they attempt to assist directly at the time.  We are limited as to what we can do to help if the matter is brought to our attention after the fact.
  • If the problem cannot be resolved on the day, you are invited to submit a complaint in writing and send it into Netball Wellington Centre either via email to: info@netballwellington.co.nz or post to PO Box 14-430, Kilbirnie, Wellington, 6241. 
  • All complaints received will then be reviewed by the Games Coordinator and categorised and referred to the correct authority to assist with resolution.  In most cases the Games Coordinator will respond however if urgent or further action required it shall be referred to the Disciplinary Committee who will ultimately be involved in the investigation and determination of the matter and communicate all feedback back to the person making the complaint.

*   I left my belongings behind at netball... how do I check Lost Property?
If you have left any of your belongings around the Hataitai netball courts or in the Hataitai Pavilion building, please contact us via email to info@netballwellington.co.nz or phone (04) 387 6002 to enquire about whether it may have been handed in.  The Hataitai Lost Property box is located inside the downstairs Games Office in the Pavilion building therefore it is best to contact us to organise a time to come and view the items.  We make every effort to gather up unclaimed items at the end of each day and keep them in a safe place for hopeful collection.  Should items be left at the Hataitai Courts outside of competition hours, these may be collected by Wellington City Council staff and returned to a collective Lost Property housed within the City Council offices.  Please contact the Council on 499 4444 to enquire.

If you have attended the ASB Sports Centre and believe you may have left something behind, please check with the friendly staff at the Front Reception Desk located at the main entry as you enter the building.  The Wellington City Council staff retain all items for a month and have a register of items for easy checking but if wishing to be reunited with your items the quicker you enquire, the better.  Please contact them on phone: 830 0500 or email: sportscentre@wcc.govt.nz

*   My child would love to get involved in playing netball... what junior netball development options are there?
Junior netball development programmes are offered throughout the year as organised by our Netball Wellington Centre's Netball Development Officer and Netball Development Coordinator.  Details for all Junior Netball programmes are promoted on this website and via mail-out directly to previous participants, primary and intermediate schools and junior netball satellites. 

Kids' Netball Comp is run in Terms 1 and 4 allowing the chance for primary and intermediate players to continue play netball in a fun social atmostphere all year round. The competition runs between 8-10 weeks with games played after school on a Wednesday between 4.00pm - 6.00pm for Year 5&6 and on a Thursdsay between 4.00pm - 6.00pm for Year 7&8. Age grades available may include Year 5, Year 6, Year 5&6 mixed, Year 7, Year 8 and Year 7&8 mixed.  Bibs, balls, umpires and prizes are all provided. Either enter an existing school team or make up a team with friends - all welcome.  Games are played at the ASB Sports Centre in Kilbirnie.

Teen League is run in Terms 1 and 4 allowing the chance for Year 9 and Year 10 players to continue play netball in a fun social atmostphere all year round. The competition runs between 8-10 weeks with games played after school on either a Wednesday or Thursday between 5.00pm - 8.00pm.  Grades include girls-only and mixed.  Bibs, balls, umpires and prizes are all provided.  Either enter an existing school team or make up a team with friends - all welcome.  Games are played at the ASB Sports Centre in Kilbirnie.

Pre/Off-Season Netball Development Programmes provide a pre-season or off-season opportunity for some skills and conditioning training ahead in to stay sharp for the upcoming netball season and many use this as preparation for school and representative trials.  Our Pre-Season programme is offered as a six-week programme run from February to April.  Our Of-Season programme is offered as a six-week programme run from October to December.  The Year 7 & 8 age group is held from 4.00pm - 5.00pm on Mondays while the Year 9 group runs from 4.30pm - 5.30pm on Tuesdays and the Year 10&11 age group runs from 5.30pm to 6.30pm on Tuesdays.  All programmes are held indoors at the ASB Sports Centre.  Representative trials are held at the end of Term 1 for Under 15 and Under 17 teams at the Netball Wellington Centre.

Mama Brown Get Ready For Netball is a six-week programme run indoors at the ASB Sports Centre in Kilbirnie.  The programme caters to keen players in Year 5&6 and sessions are held on Mondays from 4.00pm - 6.00pm.  Sessions cover the fundamental skills - ball skills, footwork, movement, attack, defence and shooting and incorporates modified games to allow players to put their new-found skills into practice.

Junior Netball Academy is a six-week programme run indoors at the ASB Sports Centre in Kilbirnie.  The Academy is open to junior netballers in Year 5-8.  Sessions are run on Wednesdays from 4.00pm - 5.00pm for Year 5&6 and Wednesdays from 5.00pm - 6.00pm for Year 7&8.  Sessions cover the fundamental skills of netball such as ball skills, footwork and movement, attack, defence, and shooting so as to practice correct technique until they hopefully become automatic.  Where attendee numbers allow modified games are played so that attendees can put their learnings into practice.

Holiday Programmes are run in January, April, July and October.  January consists of two weeks at the end of the holidays and is a morning-only programme from 9.00am - 12.00pm.  April consists of one week in the second week of the holidays run as a morning only programme from 9.00am - 12.00pm and a full day programme from 9.00am to 3.00pm.  July consists of two weeks - the first offered as a morning-only programme from 9.00am - 12.00pm and the second as both a morning-only and afternoon programme.  October consists of one week int eh second week of the holidays run as a morning-only programme from 9.00am - 12.00pm.

To access information about our Junior Netball Academy and Holiday Programmes please visit our website's Home Page and hover over the "Player Development" tabs on the menu bar across the top of the home page.  A drop-down list will appear and move your mouse down the list to select the area you are interested in.  Please register for any of our programmes on offer by using the relevant online registration links.  If you have any further questions, please contact our Netball Development Officer by phoning the office on (04) 387 6011 or email ndo@netballwellington.co.nz.

*   How can I trial for the Under 15/Under 17/Under 19 Representative Teams?
The Netball Wellington Centre's selects a total of five representative teams in the following age groups - Under 15, Under 17 and Under 19.  If there are a sufficient number of talented eligible players we hope to select two teams in each grade - one will be the First team (Black) and the other the Second team with a strong development focus as they should be considered next in line for promotion into the First team (Gold).  The representative trials are open to all players whose birth dates place them in the elligible age bracket as of the 1st of January each year.  Trials are held at the Hataitai Netball Courts starting at the end of Term 1.  Registrations open in February.  Please click here to access this season's registration form once available.

There will also be a Pre-Season Development Programme run from February - April prior to the representative trials with the aim of getting players fit for the season and keep their netball skills sharp over the summer break.  The pre-season development programme will be run over six sessions offered to players in Years 7-11 who will be eligible for the Under 15 and possibly Under 17 trials.  Online registration forms will be available online and open by December and close in early February or once spaces are full.

Details for the representative and development programmes can be accessed via our website's Home Page by hovering over the "Development" link on the menu bar across the top of the home page.  A drop-down list will appear and move your mouse over either "Representative" or "Junior Netball" in the list shown and then select the item you are interested in.  Please register for any of our programmes on offer by using the relevant registation form attached at the bottom of each web page.  If you have any further questions, please contact our Netball Development Officer on 387 6011 or email ndo@netballwellington.co.nz.

* I'm keen to start or get back into umpiring - how do I go about this?

* I'd like some free tickets to a game - do you have any?

* I'm looking for fresh coaching ideas - any clue where I can look?

* I've been coaxed into coaching my child's primarly school netball team for the first time ever - help!


Upcoming events in the next fortnight or so...

21 - Walking Netball #9 6.30pm ASBSC
22 - NZ vs Australia in Melbourne
22-23 - Tertiary Netball Tournament in Akld
22 - TD Day ASBSC
22 - Ikaroa ki te Tonga trial #1 10am Kapiti
23 - Ikaroa ki te Tonga trial #2 10am Porirua
24 - Mental Skills coach workshop 6.30pm Hataitai
28 - Walking Netball #10 6.30pm ASBSC
30 - Ikaroa ki te Tonga trial #3 10am Hutt Valley

1 - Shooting coach workshop 6.30pm Hataitai
3 - Planning coach workshop 6pm Masterton
7 - NZ vs Australia in Brisbane
8 - Player Centred Coaching workshop 6pm Hataitai
9 - PAK'nSAVE Kilbirnie Oct Hol Skills Clinic ASBSC
10 - NZ vs Australia in Townsville
14 - NZ vs Australia in Hamilton
15 - Planning coach workshop 6.30pm Hataitai
16 - Planning Annual Tournaments coach workshop Taita
18 - NZ vs Australia at TSB Arena, Wellington

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