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Want to become an Umpire? Here's how...

Whether you already have an umpire qualification, want to progress along the Netball NZ Umpire Pathway, are a player who fancies furthering your court-side skill and confidence or are looking to turn your prowess of the netball rules into some quick cash on a casual basis get in touch with our Centre so we can welcome you into our Umpire Group! Register online or email for further informationmore

INF Rules of Netball 2018

INF have issued an updated version of the Rules of Netball for 2018 and it can be downloaded from the NNZ website here This booklet includes the updates that were released earlier this year and a summary of the changes can be viewed here...more

INF to release Updated Rules of Netball

The International Netball Federation (INF) has announced the latest update of its rules of the game. The updated rules are effective from 1st January 2018, which reflect the amendments to the 2016 rules that were approved at INF Congress in July 2017. Highlights of the amendments made are listed... click here to view the upcoming changesmore

Updated - Online Centre Umpire Theory Test

Save yourself some time!

There's now no need to complete a paper copy of this test - just follow the link below to gain easy access to the updated online version of the umpire theory test. What's more you'll receive a printable certificate for your efforts once you've passed.more

Umpire Holiday Programme - general info

Netball Wellington Centre offer one-day Umpire Holiday Programmes during the year held at the ASB Sports Centre in Kilbirnie. The programme covers theory, rule discussion and practical activities along with whistle-blowing and positioning. This is a great way to build umpire confidence! If interested in finding out more email

ACC NetballSmart Warm Up

The newly revised ACC NetballSmart Warm Up aims to enhance performance and keep athletes from all codes injury free. Incorporates fitness and sport-specific movement to improve muscle memory and lower the risk of injuries. With a fantastic series of online resources at your fingertips it's definitely worth taking the time to familiarise yourself with these activities. Check out the YouTube links!more

Updated IFNA Rules of Netball & NNZ Regulations

Please find attached the INFA official Rules of Netball (2016) and Netball New Zealand Regulations (Updated May 2014) which we as a netball centre adhere to as part of our own code of conduct, rules and regulations and procedures. These are vital documents that are well worth familiarising yourself with if taking part in any netball activities.more

NCZ Emerging Talent Umpires Group

We are delighted to share with you that Alicia Odering, Jamie Manuel, Gemma Kennedy and Myron Elkington have all been selected for the Zone Emerging Talent Umpires Group. Well deserved recognition for the work you have all been putting into your umpiring this season.more

National Convenor of Selectors for Umpires Appointed

Netball New Zealand (NNZ) is pleased to appoint Pam Clayton, of Tauranga, to the new role of Convenor of Selectors for Umpires.more

Umpire Development - Request Form

The Netball Wellington Centre offers the opportunity for individuals/schools/clubs/groups to request assistance with facilitating development programmes, activities and opportunities within the Wellington City area. The three key areas we cater for are Coach Development, Umpire development and Player development. Read on to find out more...more

Umpire Squad Members confirmed

NNZ have confirmed the National and Development Squads. A number of umpires from the Centre and region have been named. A fantastic result to see so many of our umpires heading up the umpire pathway.more


An opportunity to name and congratulate all our affiliated umpires for their many outstanding achievements this year!more
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INF Effective Game Management tips

INF have pulled together a resource for umpires in an effort to focus on effective game management strategies in addition to a strong use of voice and whistle.more

Core Strength & Obstruction skill session resources for Umpires

Click here to access a series of basic exercises focusing on building core strength - essential for all good umpires. Also featured at the end of the attachment for your benefit is an Umpire Skill Session centred around Obstruction.more

NNZ Umpire Theory Examination application form

Please click this item to view dates and the associated cost for the Netball NZ Umpire Theory Examination for 2015. The official application form for the Netball NZ Umpire Theory Examination is also attached for your easy access.more

Netball NZ Umpire Fitness Testing requirements

Read this item to find out more about the Netball NZ Umpire fitness testing procedures and requirements. Also provides a guide of what level is necessary to attain in order to be considered for each Umpire Level along the Netball NZ Pathway as well as fitness testing dates to adhere to if you wish to remain current.more

Umpire Coach Work Book

A handy link to a Netball NZ resource for those coaching umpires and providing feedback on a regular basis.more

How Do I Become A Bench Technician?

There are many officials involved in the process of a netball game - umpires and bench technicians are a huge part of each match. If you are keen to learn more about becoming a Bench Technician, please click this item and read on...more

Bench Technician resources

Netball NZ has some great resources available for keen Bench Technicians - accessible via this link:
For your easy reference, please find the NZ Domestic Scoresheet as used in accordance with Netball NZ Bench Technicians Procedures also attached.more

Learn your netball rules!

Netball Wellington Centre hold a stock of two netball rule books - the International Rules of Netball available for purchase for $8 and an illustrated Introduction to Netball Umpiring for $5.
The Introduction to Netball books are available for bulk purchase by our Satellites and Clubs/Schools - please email to advise numbers required.more

Netball NZ online Umpire Resources

To access a wide range of online umpire resources via the Netball NZ website - please click this news item to follow the links for up-to-date information.more

Community Umpiring Manual - revised February 2014

Access the latest Community Umpiring Manual (as at February 2014) via this news item.more

NetballSmart guidelines - Pool Recovery Sessions

For those that are keen to ensure their body is allowed the proper recovery time using the recommended methods - please take a look at these helpful guidelines as provided by Netball NZ NetballSmart.more

NWC Scorecard Template

If seeking the use of a template similar to our own Netball Wellington Centre scorecards, please access the attached document.more

Umpire skorts available for order

Umpire skorts are now available to order for the 2013 season. Please email with your name, skort size and phone number if you wish to place an order. Skorts cost $35 each and orders can take around one week for delivery.more

Whistles for sale

For those seeking whistles for player-umpire duties, we have whistles available for sale at the Sports Control Desk on Saturdays for $5 with a lanyard.
For our more experienced umpires who wish to source a finger whistle, we also sell Thunder Whistles.more

Umpire Appointments to National Events

If you would like to learn more about the criteria used to appoint umpires to national events and view a list of umpire appointments for 2013, please access this news item.more
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Netball NZ Umpire Excellence Manual

Take a look at Netball NZ's "Umpiring Excellence Manual" released in April 2012. This document aims to assist umpire personnel at all levels and stages to understand the requirements and processes involved in umpiring in New Zealand and internationally. The document details pathways for umpires, panels, assessment and accreditation as well as exams.more
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Upcoming events in the next fortnight or so...

21 - Walking Netball #6 6.30pm at ASBSC
21 - Developing Physical Capacity wrkshop 6.30pm Porirua
24 - NCZ Annual Coach Conference in Palmerston North
28 - Walking Netball #7 6.30pm at ASBSC

3 - Netball Wellington Centre AGM 7pm at Hataitai
3 - Final session Off-Season Dvlpt Programme Y7&8
4 - Final session Off-Season Dvlp Programme Y9-11
10 - Finals Night Mon Mama Brown Twilight at Hataitai
12 - Finals Night Wed Mama Brown Twilight at ASBSC
13 - Finals Night Thu Mama Brown Twilight at ASBSC

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