Policy and Code of Conduct

Membership and Participant Application and Declaration


Sun Smart Policy

Touch Football ACT (TFACT) endorses a policy of safe and healthy behaviour in carrying out its activities outdoors, particularly having regard to effects of sun exposure. TFACT adopts the recommendation of the ACT Cancer Council. http://www.actcancer.org/ 


TFA Member Protection Policy

Please note that TFACT has adopted the national Touch Football Australia Member Protection Policy.


TFA Anti-Doping Policy

Please note that TFACT takes a strong stance in its promotion of pure performance in sport. TFACT has adopted TFA Anti-Doping policy.


Physical Activity Policy

TFACT recognises that participation in regular physical activity has important health benefits.


Injury Prevention Policy

TFACT is committed to preventing injury and promoting safety.


Alcohol Policy

TFACT is committed to ensure responsible service of alcohol and promote stratigies to minimise harm from alcohol use.


Food and Catering Policy

TFACT understands and recognises the importance of good nutrition and the vital role it plays in maintaining good health. 


Smoking Prevention Policy

TFACT supports a SmokeFree ACT environment.

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The Walking Clinic

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