Glazbrook Medal

For the Leading Goal Kicker

The Glazbrook Medal was named after Trudy Glazbrook, the League's longest running, highest goalkicker. 

Trudy played for Hectorville and North Adelaide before injuries took their toll. She currently plays for Greenacres. 

With the establishment of two separate Open Women's divisions in 2014, this medal is presented to the Division 1 player with the highest number of goals kicked throughout the Division 1 competition.

 Year  Medalist  Representative Club
 2016  Lexia Edwards  Morphettville Park
 2015  Emma Sampson  West Adelaide
 2014  Alexandra Price  Morphettville Park
 2013  Fiona Clancey  West Adelaide
 2012  Fiona Clancey  West Adelaide
 2011  Fiona Clancey   Eagles 
 2010  Fiona Clancey  Eagles
 2009  Fiona Clancey  Eagles
 2008  Fiona Clancey  Eagles
 2007  Kayla Pendleton & Cheryl Wills  Eagles
 2006  Sarah Masiero  Eagles
 2005  Tiffany Lee  Sturt
 2004  No Award Given  
 2003  Fiona Clancey  West Adelaide
 2002  Fiona Clancey  West Adelaide
 2001  Tiffany Lee  North Adelaide
 2000  Tiffany Lee  North Adelaide
 1999  Melissa King  Edwardstown
 1998  Trudy Glazbrook & Sara Dennis  
 1997  Shelly Neller  Brighton
 1996  Trudy Glazbrook  Hectorville
 1995  Trudy Glazbrook  Hectorville
 1994  Trudy Glazbrook  Hectorville
 1993  Trudy Glazbrook  Hectorville
 1992  Tiffany Lee  Hectorville
 1991  Tiffany Lee  Hectorville