Dutschke Medal

For the Division 1 Best And Fairest Player

The Dutschke Medal is named after Gina Dutschke, the founder of the South Australian Women's Football League, back in 1990.

The Medal is awarded to the Best and Fairest Player overall of the season, as determined by the Umpires.

With the establishment of two separate Open Women's divisions in 2014, the Dutschke Medal is is presented to the Division 1 Best And Fairest Player.

This prestigious award is presented to the recipient at the SAWFL Presentation Night. 

 Year  Medalist  Representative Club
2016 Chloe Scheer Modbury
 2015  Emma Sampson  West Adelaide
 2014  Michele Reid  Greenacres
 2013   Michele Reid  Greenacres
 2012  Cassandra Hartley  West Adelaide
 2011  Emma Sampson  Port Adelaide
 2010  Michele Reid  Greenacres
 2009  Cassandra Hartley  Eagles
 2008  Michele Reid  Greenacres
 2007  Jess Openshaw  Eagles
 2006  Sarah Masiero  Eagles
 2005  Lauren Ebsary  Sturt
 2004  Lauren Ebsary  Sturt
 2003  Tiffany Lee  North Adelaide
 2002  Sarah Masiero  Eagles
 2001  Robyn Polhner  North Adelaide
 2000  Tiffany Lee  North Adelaide
 1999  Ros Kitschke  West Adelaide
 1998  Ros Kitschke  West Adelaide
 1997  Robyn Polhner  
 1996  Robyn Polhner  
 1995  Tiffany Lee  
 1994  Tiffany Lee  
 1993  Tiffany Lee Hectorville 
 1992  Tiffany Lee Hectorville 
 1991  Laura Giaretto Southern CD Cougars