Previous Award Winners

Junior Gulls Representative Program
  Team MVP Coaches Award  
  Under 12 Girls Kierra McKenzie Abbey Patterson  
  Under 14 Girls Sarah Gales   Emma Campitelli  
  Under 16 Girls Tayla Walker-Marriot Carley Daggett  
  Under 18 Girls Grace Lean Kate Taylor  
  Under 12 Boys Kobe Davis Kain Kugimiya  
  Under 14 Boys Ciaran Doherty Campbell Smith  
  Under 16.1 Boys Troy Lavery Caleb Bainbridge  
  Under 16.2 Boys Tom Spicer Connor Mackay  
  Under 18 Boys Tim Lockett Jayden Hyde  
Senior Gulls Representative Program
Team MVP Coaches Award Defensive Player Rising Star
Under 20 Girls Rosalie Davis Jess Cook Rikara Ahmat Jodie Fergusion
Under 20 Boys Ross Hamaline James Ferron Trent Miller Darrean Wyatt
Big V Women Jenny Maher Kate Miller Nicky St Clair Rosalie Davis
Big V Men Adonis Jorden Tom Burns Fraser Thompson Nick Alexandrou
Senior Gulls Representative Program
Team MVP Coaches Award Defensive Player Most Improved
Division 2 Men Matt Williams Steve Haddrell Rikki Dehaan Nick Alexandrou
Division 3 Women Jess Chard Taryn White Kate Mahoney Genevieve Abbott
Youth League Men Matt Wright Daniel Anthony Nathan Shafter Rees Williams
Under 20 Women Ella Coleman Emily Morrice Rikara Ahmat Genevieve Abbott
Under 20.1 Men Ross Hamaline Chris Barrett Doug Canning Trent Miller
Under 20.2 Men Leon Davidson Torin Szabo Dale Woodbridge Dylan Luff

Junior Gulls Representative Program

Team MVP Coaches Award

Under 12 Girls Emma Mahoney Kelsey Stringer

Under 14 Girls Casey Shiels Sarah Gales

Under 16 Girls Sarah Mills Jacqui Gough

Under 18 Girls Lucy O'Shannessy Jess Cook

Under 12 Boys Daniel Brown Maddison Stringer

Under 14.1 Boys Mitch Kerr-Read Michael Turner

Under 14.2 Boys Aiden Fildes Campbell Smith

Under 16.1 Boys Jayden Hyde Luke Pickett

Under 16.2 Boys Troy Brown Jordan Atwell

Under 16.3 Boys Chol Arou Adam Round

Under 18.1 Boys Matt Wright Kieran McQueen

Under 18.2 Boys James Bennett Steve Lincoln










Coaches Award

12 Girls Metro 4 2nd Casey Shiel Amy Mills
14 Girls VC 10th Rhiannon Hemmingway Cassie Abbott
16 Girls East 1 10th Kate Taylor Grace Lean/April Franks
18.1 Girls Metro 2 2nd Kellie Gardiner Tess Woodland
18.2 Girls Regional 2nd Jess Cook Lucy OShannessy
12 Boys East 2 1st Ciaran Doherty Sam Bennett
14.1 Boys Metro 4 5th Nick Taylor Mitchell Kerr-Reas
14.2 Boys East 2 5th John Hernan Troy Lavery
16.1 Boys Metro 3 8th Dylan Shiel Matt Wright
16.2 Boys East 3 3rd Connor Allsop Ben Rogers
18.1 Boys Metro 1 7th Ross Hamaline Dylan Luff
18.2 Boys Regional 3 7th Ivan Bezardic Mitchell Dunn
20 Men Metro 1 7th Nicholas Alexandrou Dale Woodbridge
YLM D2 11th Nathan Shafter Troy MacKenzie
Men D2 7th Paul Nicholson Nicholas Alexandrou
Women D3 6th Danny Dalla-Rosa Kate Mahoney



Team                       MVP                                      Coaches Award

12.1 Boys               Mitchell Kerr Read                       Tom Oliver

12.2 Boys               Harrison Van Dort                         Josh Elkins

14.1 Boys               Luke Pickett                                 Lachlan Grant

14.2 Boys               Vinay Latchman                           Tim Lockett

14.3 Boys               Troy Lavery                                  Shanan Hopkins

16.1 Boys               Matthew Wright                            Todd Gardiner

16.2 Boys               Maker Gatluak                              Steven Lincoln

18.1 Boys               Dale Woodbridge                          James Nguyen

18.2 Boys               Josh Harris                                   Callum Grant  

20 Men                  Nicholas Alexandrou                       Jarrod Morrice

14.1 Girls               Georgia Barry  and Tatiana Ahmat

14.2 Girls               Rhiannon Hemmingway                  Jessica Cathcart

16.1 Girls               Eilidh Simpson                              Tess Woodland

16.2 Girls               Maddison Sherry                           Jodie Ferguson

18.1 Girls               Kelly Gardiner                               Tiffany Warner

18.2 Girls               Brooke Hancock                            Tate Herschell

MMBL                   Michael Warring                             Jarrod Morrice

Big V Women         Fiona Hannan                                Taryn White

Big V Men              Perry Waterland                            Adam Whiting


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Corporate Sponsors

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At Chelsea we understand the needs of players who want to improve their game and get to the next level.

So we are offering a range of training sessions that would best suit your child and help them get better at basketball but also grow in confidence for themselves as well.

To know more about what your after please contact


The club is always needing and on the look out for sponsors and we might just have the package for you or your business.

Just email and we will send out a sponsors pack for you to look at and then discuss with our sponsorship team what is the right package for you. 


Want to improve your skills and fundamentals, then Chelsea Gulls are running their Basketball Academy every Saturday morning from 9.00am for U12/14s and 10.00am for U16/18s at Patterson River stadium, conducted by USA import Corey Standerfer this is a great way to improve your skills.Contact either or for more details  







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