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Junior Solo Racing

125cc Junior Solo

Long established as the standard for junior solo racing in Australia, the 125 junior solo class carries with it a pedigree that starts at club level and progresses through to a State championship title and status as an Australian Championship class.

All of the current and many past champions have learnt their trade on a junior 125 solo.

The entry point to this class is at club level and the Speedway Motorcycle Club of WA is more than prepared to help newcomers into this exciting class.

At SMCWA, riders are graded to ensure that skill levels are reasonably similar to ensure fair and safe racing.

Machinery required for the 125 class is very simple, and low cost. As the class requirements have stayed fairly stable over the past 30 years, so have the bikes. In speedway there is no need to go out and buy a new bike every year to remain competitive. There are a number of 30 year old bikes out there racing and winning. Of course the opportunity is there to buy new, and to bling up your bike to make it look great.

Modifications are limited, which ensures races are fairly won by rider ability not by bike performance

The key restrictions in terms of engine for the classes are:

  • Up to 125cc;
  • 4 stroke;
  • Single cylinder;
  • 2, 3 or 4 valves;
  • Only 1 gear (gear stick may be removed)
  • 24mm maximum carburettor
  • Max compression 9.7:1


Junior FIM 250cc class

Strictly limited to 250cc engines (no 350cc engines for 2014/15).


85cc Junior Solo FIM

Run as an 80cc class which allows up to 85cc 2 stroke motors to be utilised, this class is recognised as the stepping stone to an international career. The FIM categorise the 80cc class with Gold Cup status at the international level.

As a new competition class at Pinjar Park, this class is designed to allow the more experienced young riders gain a higher level of skill to perhaps progress to the world stage in Europe, and who knows a career in professional speedway.

The only restrictions are the use of an 85cc 2 stroke motor which must be OEM standard.


If you would like more information on the 125cc class, and or a test ride, please call Rick Gill on 0408 931 079

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