Wheelchair basketball has grown from a sport for WWII Veterans in the 1940's to one of the world's premier and most popular disabled sports. Played in over 80 countries, the sport has attracted in excess of 100,000 players at all levels around the globe. As the current number one ranked team in the world and the Paralympic Champions, Australia is at the fore front of wheelchair basketball's development.

The Women's National Wheelchair Basketball League (WNWBL) is Australia's national league for women. The country's top players compete in four rounds conducted in a central venue format followed by a final series. All games are played on standard sized basketball courts with standard height baskets. The general rules are structured to reflect the able bodied format of the game but with amendments to allow for the use of wheelchairs. There is no illegal dribble rule and players are permitted to push on their wheels twice prior to shooting, passing or dribbling.

To enable wider participation, all players are classified from 1.0 to 4.5 dependant on their functional ability; the higher the classification points, the greater the functional ability. A total of 14 points are allowed on the court at any one time.