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ACT / Wagga Defence Basketball


OIC: LCDR Scott Northey scott.northey1@defence.gov.au

State Rep:  POCIS Kristie Cotton kristie.cotton@defence.gov.au


ARMY: LT Rob Cameron robert.cameron6@defence.gov.au

NAVY: LEUT Andrew Hope andrew.hope@defence.gov.au  

RAAF: FLTLT Brendan Adam  Brendan.adam@defence.gov.au

ADFA:  SCDT Julian Huymh julian.huynh@defence.gov.au

RMC:  MIDN Joshua Callan joshua.callan1@defence.gov.au

WAGGA:  SGT Peter Goff peter.goff@defence.gov.au





The ACT/Wagga Interservice Competition will be held over the weekend of 29 - 30 Jul inclusive at the ADFA gym.


Combined Services

The tournament will be held at RAAF Base Edinburgh in Adelaide, timings to be confirmed.  However it is likely to be in November.



The RMC Gym will be booked for training sessions for Canberra based personnel on Sundays from 1330-1530.


ADFBA Notice Board


ADFBA National Championships
RAAF Base Edinburgh SA

Dates to be confirmed....


ACT/Wagga Interservice Competition 

 29 - 30 Jul 17 


Point of Contact

ACT State Rep: PO Kristie Cotton kristie.cotton@defence.gov.au


Victorian Interservice

09 – 10 JUL 16

RAAF Base Williams (Laverton)

RAN        LS Rebecca Moseley  rebecca.moseley@defence.gov.au

ARA        WO2 Lucas Tanis    lucas.tanis@defence.gov.au

RAAF      WOFF Graham Joce    graham.joce@defence.gov.au

New South Wales Interservice

The NSW Defence Force Basketball Interservice Competition will be held over the weekend

22 - 23 Jul

Holsworthy gym.


ARMY: CAPT Pete Liston peter.liston@defence.gov.au

          PTE Amanda Mitchell amanda.mitchell1@defence.gov.au

RAAF Williamtown: SQNLDR Janeter Turnbull janeter.turnbull@defence.gov.au

RAAF Richmond:  LAC Adrian Duran adrian.duran@defence.gov.au

                                CPL Kevin O'Sullivan kevin.osullivan3@defence.gov.au


South Australian Interservice

08 – 09  SEP 16

RAAF Base Edinburgh

RAN        TBC

ARA        TBC

RAAF      SGT Matthew Muller matthew.muller2@defence.gov.au           

QLD North vs South Competition

Selection Trials for the 2015 ADF QLD Men’s and Women’s teams will conducted over the weekend 09 – 11 Sep 16

OIC: WOFF Mick Kearney:  michael.kearney@defence.gov.au

State Rep: PTE Grace Amey: grace.amey@defence.gov.au


Western Australia Interservice

30  SEP 16

HMAS Stirling


LEUT Brad Eaton brad.easton@defence.gov.au         


Email your State Rep for Interservice Dates in your State

New South Wales Defence Basketball (NSWDB)
NSW OIC, FLGOFF Melissa Bundy melissa.bundy1@defence.gov.au
NSW Representative, CPL Sammy Balmer samir.balmer@defence.gov.au

Queensland Defence Basketball (QDB) 
QLD OIC, WOFF Mick Kearney  michael.kearney@defence.gov.au
QLD Representative, PTE Grace Amey grace.amey@defence.gov.au

Victorian Defence Basketball (VDB)
Vic OIC, MAJ Nicholas Munday nicholas.munday@defence.gov.au
Vic Representative, WO2 Lucas Tanis lucas.tanis@defence.gov.au

Australian Capital Territory & Wagga Defence Basketball (ACT/WAGGA DB)
ACT/Wagga OIC, LCDR Scott Northey scott.northey@defence.gov.au
ACT Representative, PO Kristie Cotton Kristie.cotton@defence.gov.au

Northern Territory Defence Basketball (NTDB)
NT OIC, CAPT Sita Norsworthyi,  sita.rodgers@defence.gov.au,
NT Representative, SGT Dale Blogg, dale.blogg@defence.gov.au,

South Australian Defence Basketball (SADB) www.sadb.basketball.net.au  
SA OIC, LT Rob Cameron robert.cameron6@defence.gov.au
SA Representative, SGT Matthew Muller mattew.muller2@defence.gov.au

Western Australian Defence Basketball (WADB)
WA OIC, LEUT Brad Eaton brad.eaton@defence.gov.au

WA Representative, FSGT Brian Lawrie  brian.lawrie@defence.gov.au