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New South Wales Defence Basketball (NSWDB)





The NSW Defence Force Basketball Interservice Competition will be held over the weekend of 31 Jul -02 August 2015 inclusive at the Holsworthy gym.


OIC: SQNDLR Janeter Turnbull janeter.turnbull@defence.gov.au

State Rep:  CAPT Peter Liston peter.liston@defence.gov.au


ARMY: PTE Amanda Mitchell amanda.mitchell1@defence.gov.au

NAVY: LEUT Matthew Stobo matthew.stobo@defence.gov.au

Nowra (Navy) SMN Lara Pilton lara.pilton@defence.gov.au

RAAF: FLGOFF Melissa Bundy melissa.bundy1@defence.gov.au

RAAF Williamtown: LAC Kevin O'Sullivan kevin.osullivan3@defence.gov.au

                             CPL Richard van Der Snoek richard.vandersnoek@defence.gov.au

RAAF Richmond:  LAC Adrian Duran adrian.duran@defence.gov.au


The tournament will be held at RAAF Base Laverton in Melbourne, 27 Nov - 06 Dec 2015. 


Contact your relevant REP for training details.


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ADFBA National Championships
RAAF Base Edinburgh SA

Dates to be confirmed....


ACT/Wagga Interservice Competition 

 29 - 30 Jul 17 


Point of Contact

ACT State Rep: PO Kristie Cotton kristie.cotton@defence.gov.au


Victorian Interservice

09 – 10 JUL 16

RAAF Base Williams (Laverton)

RAN        LS Rebecca Moseley  rebecca.moseley@defence.gov.au

ARA        WO2 Lucas Tanis    lucas.tanis@defence.gov.au

RAAF      WOFF Graham Joce    graham.joce@defence.gov.au

New South Wales Interservice

The NSW Defence Force Basketball Interservice Competition will be held over the weekend

22 - 23 Jul

Holsworthy gym.


ARMY: CAPT Pete Liston peter.liston@defence.gov.au

          PTE Amanda Mitchell amanda.mitchell1@defence.gov.au

RAAF Williamtown: SQNLDR Janeter Turnbull janeter.turnbull@defence.gov.au

RAAF Richmond:  LAC Adrian Duran adrian.duran@defence.gov.au

                                CPL Kevin O'Sullivan kevin.osullivan3@defence.gov.au


South Australian Interservice

08 – 09  SEP 16

RAAF Base Edinburgh

RAN        TBC

ARA        TBC

RAAF      SGT Matthew Muller matthew.muller2@defence.gov.au           

QLD North vs South Competition

Selection Trials for the 2015 ADF QLD Men’s and Women’s teams will conducted over the weekend 09 – 11 Sep 16

OIC: WOFF Mick Kearney:  michael.kearney@defence.gov.au

State Rep: PTE Grace Amey: grace.amey@defence.gov.au


Western Australia Interservice

30  SEP 16

HMAS Stirling


LEUT Brad Eaton brad.easton@defence.gov.au         


Email your State Rep for Interservice Dates in your State

New South Wales Defence Basketball (NSWDB)
NSW OIC, FLGOFF Melissa Bundy melissa.bundy1@defence.gov.au
NSW Representative, CPL Sammy Balmer samir.balmer@defence.gov.au

Queensland Defence Basketball (QDB) 
QLD OIC, WOFF Mick Kearney  michael.kearney@defence.gov.au
QLD Representative, PTE Grace Amey grace.amey@defence.gov.au

Victorian Defence Basketball (VDB)
Vic OIC, MAJ Nicholas Munday nicholas.munday@defence.gov.au
Vic Representative, WO2 Lucas Tanis lucas.tanis@defence.gov.au

Australian Capital Territory & Wagga Defence Basketball (ACT/WAGGA DB)
ACT/Wagga OIC, LCDR Scott Northey scott.northey@defence.gov.au
ACT Representative, PO Kristie Cotton Kristie.cotton@defence.gov.au

Northern Territory Defence Basketball (NTDB)
NT OIC, CAPT Sita Norsworthyi,  sita.rodgers@defence.gov.au,
NT Representative, SGT Dale Blogg, dale.blogg@defence.gov.au,

South Australian Defence Basketball (SADB) www.sadb.basketball.net.au  
SA OIC, LT Rob Cameron robert.cameron6@defence.gov.au
SA Representative, SGT Matthew Muller mattew.muller2@defence.gov.au

Western Australian Defence Basketball (WADB)
WA OIC, LEUT Brad Eaton brad.eaton@defence.gov.au

WA Representative, FSGT Brian Lawrie  brian.lawrie@defence.gov.au