The ADF Masters Basketball Association Group is a group for the following people to provide information on up and coming Masters Tournaments and to also stay connected throughout the year.

1. Current, Past and Future ADF members over the age of 35 who love the game of basketball
2. Past and Current players of the ADBA who are over 35 years old
3. Past and current officials/coaches of the ADBA who are over 35 years old.


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ADFBA Masters Basketball is a fantastic forum to continue the proud tradition of getting together once a year to meet up with old friends in a very social environment where basketball is the common denominator. To be eligible you will need to be turning 30 this year if you are female or 35 if you are male. This is the minimum age. However, dependent upon numbers the ADBA can field sides up to any age.

ADFBA Masters Tours
2006 Alice Springs Masters Games
2005 Australian Masters Games in Adelaide
2002 World Masters Games in Melbourne
2001 New Zealand

Australian Masters Games

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ADFBA National Championships

Dates and
Location to be confirmed

 30 Nov - 09 Dec 18