MWFL Mortlock Shield Life Members

Life Members of the Mortlock Shield.  This acknowledges distinctive service to the Mortlock Shield over an extended period.

Mid West extends its gratitude to all players and officials who have represented it and its former Leagues at this Carnival and other League engagements.



First Name Surname Year League(s)
Stan Baldock 1967 Le Hunte
Lawrie Martin 1969 Streaky Bay
Henry McKenna 1981 Le Hunte
Allen (Percy) Matthews 1981 Le Hunte
Graham Sampson 1981 Le Hunte
Rex Sampson 1981 Le Hunte
Fred Hier 1982 Le Hunte
Pat Hynes 1982 Le Hunte
Jim Cronin 1981 Streaky Bay & Great Flinders
Leonard May (snr) 1986 Le Hunte & Mid West
Brian Clark 1988 Streaky Bay & Mid West
Paul May 1990 Le Hunte & Mid West
Dean McKenna 1991 Le Hunte & Mid West
Clive Matthews 1991 Le Hunte & Mid West
Tony Richter 1994 Le Hunte & Woomera Districts
Neville Trezona 1994 Streaky Bay & Mid West
Greg DuBois 1995 Le Hunte & Mid West
Graeme McKenna 1996 Le Hunte & Mid West
Peter Sargent 1998 Streaky Bay & Mid West
Ian Montgomerie 2000 Streaky Bay & Mid West
Neville Beinke 2001 Le Hunte & Mid West
Leonard E (Jack) May 2003 Le Hunte & Mid West
Jeffrey Becker 2003 Le Hunte & Mid West
Jason McEvoy 2008 Mid West
Michael Baldock 2008 Mid West & Kangaroo Island
Wade O Brien 2010 Mid West & Lincoln City
Ryan Du Bois 2014 Mid West
Craig Sampson 2016 Mid West
Andrew Buckham 2017 Mid West, Lincoln Districts & Far West
Scott Feltus 2017 Mid West



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