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Change the Game - What's Next?: The Sydney Swans won the 2012 premiership with their pressure and run, but Nick Bowen (AFL Media) explores whether that game style stand up in 2013 as teams search for new tactics and strategies to gain a winning edge?

Five Fundamentals of Modern Football: Contested ball, decision making, ball skills, controlled activities, random activities, style and strategies

Team Rules: Team Rules are a key component of game plans and team play at all levels of Australian football.  Coaches use team rules to assist players in learning and implementing their team’s style of play.  This video, narrated by Tom Harley, presents 25 common team rules which you can draw from in developing a specific set of rules for your own team.

Style of Play: Robert Wiley presents a comprehensive video analysis of style of play in modern football including the fundamental principles which underpin the style of play, the strategies and the tactics of our current game.

Developing Players: Ben Dyer explains that while coaches love to win they have an obligation to develop their players.

Developing Coaching Philosophy: Coaches should regularly review and consolidate their coaching philosophy. Learn about coaching philosophy ans its elements.

Finding a Coach Mentor: The value of having a coach mentor

Umpires at Club Training: Carlton FC regularly invites umpires to training to assist with their understanding of the laws.  This also provides another opportunity for umpires to work on their decision making.

Coaches on Umpiring: John Worsfold discusses the importances of respecting umpires and reinforcing that as part of a club's culture.

You Burn and Learn: John Worsfold says making mistakes is the best way to become a better coach.

How to Assess a Coach: AFL Director of Coaching, Peter Schwab, discusses the key performance areas when assessing a coach.

Planning Practice Sessions: Danny Ryan looks at areas to consider when planning practice sessions to ensure you achieve your aim.

The Wisdom of Experience: Past players have lots of knowledge and skills to give back to the game, and especially to individuals. Editor of Coaching Edge, Ken Davis, shares his vision of how the fountain of wisdom can be tapped for one-on-one mentoring. 

Analysis and Opinion: Peter Schwab discusses the issues of the day

Developing Club Culture – John Worsfold (West Coast Eagles)

West Coast Eagles coach, John Worsfold, speaks about his approach to developing club culture as part of the AFL Coaches on Coaching series. 

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