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Mid West Football League is situated on the Eyre Peninsula South Australia, currently fielding six teams.  MWFL formed by the merger of the Le Hunte Football League and Streaky Bay Football League in 1988.

Eight clubs nominated for the inaugural season in 1988, with United FC and Wudinna FC amalgamating for the 1989 season.  Foundation clubs Streaky Bay and Rovers amalgamated in the 1999 season leaving the current six clubs.

Formal competition games are held for A Grade, B Grade  (Reserves) and Colts (Under 16).  Informal under 12 games are also held.

League Colours - Black and White     League Logo - Magpies

Central Eyre Football Club (Kyancutta/Warramboo area)

Club formed 1987 in the former Le Hunte Football League for one season with the merger of Kyancutta FC and Warramboo FC.  Joined the MWFL as a founding club in 1988 and won the first premiership of the newly formed league.

Earliest origin can be traced back to Kyancutta FC (formed 1918), with Warramboo (formed 1929), Cootra East, Waddikee Rovers and Palabie other clubs who have been within the clubs drawing area.

Shares two home grounds, Kyancutta and Warramboo

Colours - Red White and Blue    Logo - Bulldogs

Wudinna United Football Club (Wudinna/Yaninee area)

Club formed in 1989 with the merger of Wudinna FC and United FC, both formerly competing in the Le Hunte Football League, and then one season as separate entities in MWFL in 1988.

Earliest origin is via Wudinna FC (formed 1918) and Yaninee (formed 1918),  Other clubs previously in the drawing area include United and Pygery.

Home ground is Wudinna

Colours - Black and White     Logo - Magpies

Western Districts Football Club (Minnipa/Poochera area)

Club formed in 1988 as a foundation member of the MWFL.  Merged clubs Central Areas FC from the Streaky Bay Football League and Minnipa FC from the LeHunte Football League.

Earlist origin can be traced back to Calca in 1913, although it must be noted that there is a blur of the borders between the feeder clubs of the current Western Districts and West Coast Hawks. Clubs that have been in the drawing area include Minnipa FC (formed 1917), Central Areas (formed 1971), Calca Chandada, Poochera, Chandada, Calca-Kenny, Port Kenny and Collie.

Shares two home grounds, Poochera and Minnipa.

Colours - Dark Green and Gold     Logo - Tigers

West Coast Hawks Football Club(Streaky Bay/Piednippie area)

Club formed in 1999 with the merger of Streaky Bay FC and Rovers FC, both clubs having been foundation members of the MWFL.

Origins may be traced back to Streaky Bay FC (formed 1906, played 1907) and Rovers FC (formed 1913), Clubs having been in the drawing area include Gibson's Peninsula, Criterions, Streaky Bay Flinders United and Flinders.

Shares two home grounds, Streaky Bay and Piednippie.

Colours - Dark Blue and Gold     Logo - Hawks

Wirrulla Football Club(Wirrulla/Smoky Bay area)

Club transferred from the Streaky Bay Football League as a foundation member of the MWFL. 

Wirrulla FC was formed in 1919. Many clubs have existed in their area. Yantanabie,  Cungena, Courela, Kangaroos, Excelsiors, United, Pimbacarra, Carawa East and Carawa.

Home gorund is Wirrulla

Colours - Black and Red      Logo - Bombers

Elliston Football Club (Elliston area)

Club transferred from the LeHunte Football League as a foundation member of the MWFL.

Elliston FC is one of the oldest football clubs on the Eyre Peninsula(formed 1904), having played in challenge matches mainly in the early years.  Joined the Le Hunte FL in 1968 after involvment in the Mid Western Football Association. Clubs that have existed in the current drawing area include Colton Wedge, Sheringa, Colton, Mount Wedge, Talia and Kolballa.

Home ground is Elliston.

Colours - Red and White    Logo - Roosters


Mid West Football League

Other Leagues to have existed in the MWFL area include-:

Northern and Western MWFL area

Streaky Bay/Gibson Peninsula Football Association (1910-1912)

Western Flinders Football Association (1924-1938) became Streaky Bay FL after WW2

Central Flinders Football Association (1923-1940) became Streaky Bay FL after WW2 

Streaky Bay Football League (1946-1987) (formerly CFFA & WFFA)


Eastern and Southern MWFL area

Mid Western Football Association (1913-1914), (1926-1928), (1948-1955)

Middle Areas Football Association (1929-1940) (WW2 recess 1941-1945 then became RCFA)

Rudall Centre Football Association (1946-1947) 

Central Eyre Football Association (1919 to 1940) became Le Hunte FL after WW2 recess

LeHunte Football League (1945-1987) (formerly CEFA)


Mid West Football League (1988 to current)


Of the 44 clubs that are known to have existed in the current drawing area of the League, after mergers, recess or simply discontinuing, six remain in competition.



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