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Dear Futsal footballers, I would like to take this opportunity to welcome our returning teams from last season Spring/Summer competitions, and welcome all our new teams that have entered into the new seasons competition. By way of introduction, my name is John Phillips as I am the administrator & Manager of Futsal at Ashfield Indoor. I have started Ashfield Indoor Futsal competitions in 2005 with the guidance and help of Tim Genzo & staff from the Futsal Department at Football NSW at Valentine Sports Park Glenwood.

Futsal is played with a special low bounce ball which requires players to use skill. This is why playing Futsal will ensure the further development of skills of all players regardless of their level, during the Futsal season.

 Our non competitive ages are the under 6s, 7s, and 8s were we do not like to combine these age groups. All players in our non competitive ages receive  trophies at the end of the season. Competition ages start at the under 9s through to Men's and Women's.

There are no washed out games when you play Futsal at Ashfield Indoor "great value"  also there are direct player path-ways for boy's and girl's to represent playing Futsal in the NSW Premier League or NSW Super League, State Championships, represent NSW state and the pinnacle represent Australia.

 The venue is located at Ashfield Boy's High School Gymnasium 115 Liverpool Rd Ashfield.


• Fair Play incorporated into games rules structure

• Fast open game played at pace

• Develops fast, quick thinking, skilful players

• Played to touchlines not walls, making players use drag backs etc to utilise space

• 4v4 outfield is the optimum number of players to enhance skill and technique whilst recreating the realities of 11v 11 football ( Manchester Metropolitan University 2004 study)

• Players have many more touches of the ball compared to 6 v 6 upwards

• Players are constantly involved in the game •World’s most played small sided game

• More teams enter the Futsal World Cup than the 11v11 World Cup

• Increases physical and aerobic fitness

• Research confirms that to play at the top in Futsal, 11v11 fitness is not sufficient

• Futsal is the basis for 11v11. Research has shown football to be a series of interconnected 4x4 games, Futsal is 4x4 at its most demanding

• Futsal players naturally find moving to football easy (Ronaldinho)

• Game improves spatial awareness

• Game is safer, less injuries than ‘off the wall’ 5 aside or football

No Advantage to a player's physical dominance

Players from "Futsal" countries Brazil, Spain, Argentina, dominate professional players or leagues that don't play Futsal

John Phillips




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