Haeusler's Group

In 1959, Colin and Joan Haeusler, operating as CE & JM Haeusler, began a general cartage and grain handling business in Sea Lake, which is situated within a large broad-acre farming region in North Western Victoria.   They became agents, for Chamberlain Tractors and Implements in 1961 after acquiring the agency from Brewers Motors of Sea Lake.After much hard work by Colin, C E & J M Haeusler, were named Victoria's Top Chamberlain Dealers for 1967. After the merger of Chamberlain with John Deere in 1970, Haeusler's Farm Supplies Pty. Ltd was appointed as the Official John Deere Dealer for Sea Lake.The Company expanded its operations over the years to include CRT chemical and farm supplies, hardware and electrical business, fertilizer, freight transport, grain handling and a petrol outlet.    Haeusler's Farm Supplies managed to grow and prosper in that time, through hard work, good business acumen and top level customer focused service.In 1993 the Company expanded it's John Deere operations by obtaining the Mildura Dealership, thus exposing it to a different industry sector, that of viticulture. Having outgrown the original premises in Sea Lake, a new building was erected to accommodate the expanding business. With the growth of the Mildura dealership a new premises was also built there in 1999.The Company decided that to continue to prosper in the farm machinery industry, it must become larger and obtain further dealerships. The acquisition of our Shepparton Dealership in 2001 can be seen as an important move to include another industry sector within the Company.A market for smaller equipment, and a need for service base in the Robinvale area soon became apparent, and to help better serve our customer base, in 2002 Haeusler’s established a brand new branch at Robinvale. Late in 2007 Haeusler’s embarked on its latest expansion by purchasing a dealership in Echuca, and to amalgamate the growth of the business, the company was re-structured and re-branded as Haeusler’s Group, and 2014 saw the establishment of the Bendigo dealership.Our combined service area across North-West Victoria and Southern New South Wales is over 10,000 Square Kilometres, covering 40% of Victoria alone.Today, the Haeusler's Group is a family owned company with almost 150 employees. With the death of the Managing Director Colin Haeusler in 1999, his three children are directing the company - Martin, Margaret and Lawrence have formed the nucleus of the management of the Company over several years alongside their parents and today continue in the same Haeusler tradition

Website: http://www.haeuslers.com.au/hist.htm

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Ladder - Seniors

2018 Seniors
1 Birchip-Watchem 100.00
2 Wycheproof-Narraport 87.50
3 Donald 50.00
4 St. Arnaud 43.75
5 Sea Lake Nandaly Tigers 37.50
6 Wedderburn 31.25
7 Charlton 25.00
8 Boort 25.00

Ladder - Reserves

2018 Reserves
1 Birchip-Watchem 100.00
2 Wedderburn 75.00
3 Donald 50.00
4 St.Arnaud 50.00
5 Boort 50.00
6 Wycheproof-Narraport 50.00
7 Sea Lake Nandaly Tigers 25.00
8 Charlton 0.00

Ladder - Under 16s

2018 Under 16's
1 Birchip-Watchem 85.71
2 Sea Lake Nandaly Tigers 83.33
3 Donald 71.43
4 Boort 57.14
5 St Arnaud 28.57
6 Wedderburn 28.57
7 Charlton 0.00
8 Wycheproof-Narrapport 0.00

Ladder - Under 13s

2018 Under 13's
1 Boort 100.00
2 Sea Lake Nandaly Tigers 87.50
3 Donald 75.00
4 St Arnaud 62.50
5 Wycheproof-Narraport 37.50
6 Birchip-Watchem 25.00
7 Charlton 12.50
8 Wedderburn 0.00