N.C.F.L. Life Members

          The North-Central League is endeavouring to complie a complete list of its life members, those who have been honoured for the dedicated service in a variety of fields.

          Clubs are asked to scrutinise the list below and notify the League of any omissions.

 Ted Chessells (Donald)*
 Ted Sands
 Roy Baker (Charlton)*
 Des Darcy (Donald)*
 Hyland Nelson (Boort)*
 Dick Donnellon (Donald)
 Allan Dunstan  (Donald)*
 George Cartwright (Birchip)*
 Darryl Campbell (Watchem-Corack)*
 Norm Michael (St Arnaud)
 Vince McNicol (Wycheproof-Narraport)*
 Robin Letts (Donald)   54 971 121/ 54 971 222
 Hugh Trewin (Wycheproof-Narraport)*
 Frank O'Shea (Donald)   54 971319
 Frank McGrath (Boort)*
 Ian Jackson (Wedderburn)  54 943 160
 Jack Kirk (Donald)*
 Jeff Guild (Donald)    54 971 674
 Jim Hepworth (Watchem-Corack)
 Greg Goldsmith (Donald)
 Neil Beattie (Boort)  54 552 468
 Stan Boyd (Wycheproof-Narraport)*
 Robert A. Steel (Wedderburn)  54 943 163

 Ian Sinclair (Birchip)*

 John Tottenham (Donald) NCFL Treasurer 17years 2009*



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