Under 9s & 10's Modified Rules



Summary U9s & U10s

4 x 10 minutes

No Scores, ladders or finals permitted

No recording of best players and goal kickers are permitted at all(fine)

Umpire paperwork for payment

Players cannot bump/push an opponent, knock/steal the ball out of their hands or smoother an opponents kick

Modified Tackle rule is in place

Player can run 10m max. Incorporating a maximum of one bounce over that distance.

A mark is awarded irrespective of the distance the ball has travelled to any player who catches it or shows control

Out of bounds from a kick is awarded against the player who last kicked it

Out of bounds from hands or if there is any doubt, the umpire shall call for a ball up 10m in from the boundary

No kicking of the ground unless accidental

No Stealing, Smoothering, Shepherding or Barging

10m penalty if a player has been hindered in any way.

Players can be ordered off at umpires discretion

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