Quit Smoking

Quit for the kids
If you have children in your life, whether you like it or not, you are probably a role model to them. Quitting smoking sets a great example for your children, reducing the chance that they will take up smoking themselves.

Talking with your children about how hard quitting is will make them think twice about taking up smoking themselves. As a nonsmoker you’ll also have more energy and more money to spend too.

Smoking kills one in four smokers in middle age. This is the time when kids really need their parents. Quitting now will increase your chances of being there as your children become adults and have children of their own.

Protecting Others
The decision to quit smoking is a personal one but it is important to remember that your smoking also affects those around you.
We now know that children’s delicate airways are sensitive to smoke on clothes, hair and skin after you’ve smoked. It can be hard for parents to fully protect them from the harmful effects of smoking.
The number one way to improve your own health and ensure the health of your family is to quit.

For further information call QUITLINE on 137848 or Peninsula Health Quit Smoking Support Services on 1300 665 781

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