What is the Players Lounge - Game On?

The Mornington Peninsula Junior Football League is very excited about and committed to working with Peninsula Health to create safe and healthy environments for young people and their families. Initially this work will be focusing on Tobacco control, specifically the prevention of uptake of smoking by children and young people

The potential for sporting clubs to promote good health is widely recognised, given the role they play in the community and the number of people regularly involved either as a player or a supporter.

We can all decide to choose better health. Deciding to be active, join in, eat healthy foods, reduce stress, be a good role model and drop bad habits are just some of the little changes that can make a big difference to our health

The Players Lounge - Game On resource tab will provide you as players, supporters and parents with easy to read information regarding health and wellbeing topics of importance to being ‘game ready’.

Each page will give information on the health and wellbeing topic as well as provide you with links to local support services and places to go for further information.

If there is a topic you would like further information or assistance with please contact the MPJFL office on admin@mpjfl.com.au




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