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Yinnar v Yallourn Yallourn North

Yinnar won an epic qualifying final, worrying Yallourn-Yallourn North out of the game, and winning 10-8-68 to 9-3 57

The pressure of finals football got the better of the Bombers late in the final quarter, as the experience and composure of the Magpies proved to be the difference.

An analogy of finals football is probably appropriate to revisit given the circumstances of this game.

A coach once passing on that the home and away season is like asking players to walk a plank of timber thirty centimetres wide and ten metres long, that is placed safely on the ground.

The task is actually relatively easy to accomplish, as long as the players have focus, take it a step at a time and don’ allow themselves to be distracted from the conditions around them.

Finals football however heightens the risk, liking the increase in pressure to taking that same timber and placing it in between two buildings twenty stories high!

The job of walking across the plank does not change, but the consequences of making a mistake, or not concentrating, of being distracted, of not sticking to the game plan, can be disastrous.

Yallourn-Yallourn North coach, Barrie Burnett, “ we just didn’t stick to the plan, a few of the young fellas who have been so good during the year, just didn’t follow instructions, didn’t do as they should have done, and in the end that allowed Yinnar some chances that made a difference.”

The game throughout the day was tight and tough, the intensity from both sides outstanding. In fact the biggest margin between the two sides was probably at the final siren.

At quarter time scores were locked away at three goals apiece and at half time Yinnar held a slender one goal lead.

Barrie Burnett “ they didn’t really bring any surprises, they didn’t line up or dish up anything unexpected, they are just a good side who didn’t panic and who held there nerve well, even when we were a couple up in the last quarter, they just kept to their process and in the end take nothing away from them, they deserved the win, there is no excuses”

Yinnar’s win under pressure against good opposition on a ground that was presented beautifully by Mirboo North was full of merit and confirmed them as the genuine contender for the premiership.

The Bombers better players, all got enough of the ball to win the game but it was the better “team” that got the chance to take one step closer to the ultimate prize.

Next week, the Magpies match up against Trafalgar, a side they have failed to beat on the two occasions the’ve met during 2018.

The winner, takes a shortcut through to the grand final, for the loser the pressure builds as they wait for who might be coming at them next..


Mirboo North v Thorpdale –


Mirboo North dominated their elimination final, winning 12-10-82 to 5-9-39

There was no tomorrow, for the loser of the weekends elimination final, a years work to be tested in the clash between Mirboo North and Thorpdale.

You can sometimes get a sense of the type of afternoon you might be in for in the early minutes of a game, and for the Blues, it didn’t look good.

A rushed behind by Thorpdale, courtesy of a kick off the ground was mistakenly called a goal by the officiating goal umpire, this lead to a heated complaint by Thorpdale players to the umpires, resulting in a free kick in from of the Tigers goals and a second goal without the ball getting back to the centre.

This come on top of the late withdrawal of key Blues forward Ed Greene with shingles, a goal kicker Thorpdale could ill afford to lose.

In muddy conditions, that tested both sides skills and fitness, goals were absolutely priceless and Mirboo had four of them at quarter time, courtesy of a strong breeze, and some good work from Tim Trail and Zac Kilgower, whilst keeping their opposition to a single goal..

The Tigers are a very close community club, who in recent times have been tested by the passing of one of the clubs admired and respected players in Kal Nash.

When his brother, Jake wore Kal’s number one Guernsey out on to the ground, it was obvious that the Tigers were playing for a departed team mate as much as they were for the right to compete for another week. In the winners upcoming clash with Yallourn Yallourn North.

The second quarter, was going to be crucial for the Tigers control on the game, needing to temper Thorpdale’s use of the wind and continuing to surge forward themselves and giving opportunities to their key forward in Tim Trail.

The work rate of Mirboo, continued at an impressive standard, even with Jed Alexander and Riley Oddy coming to the bench with slight injuries.

At half time, the Tigers with a twenty three point margin at the main break.

The heavy conditions were starting to have an impact on players as the second half started, the use of ball, decision making, work ethic and the sharing of the load all starting to play a more important part.

Mirboo North, really put the acid on their opponents and dominated in all of the key areas, blowing the game open and leading by close enough to ten goals at the final break.

This game was over, the reigning premiers signalling they are on the march again and capable of beating anyone in any conditions.

Next week, it will be Yallourn Yallourn north who will be planning to do what they did just a fortnight ago, and that’s dominate the Tigers, but time will tell.










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2018 Seniors
1 Trafalgar 68
2 Yallourn Yallourn North 56
3 Yinnar 54
4 Mirboo North 46
5 Thorpdale 40
6 Morwell East 32
7 Yarragon 26
8 Newborough 26
9 Hill End 12
10 Boolarra 0

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