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Affiliated clubs:

Bears Lagoon Serpentine
(2016 senior premiers & champions and 2016 reserves premiers) 
Calivil United


Pyramid Hill

Maiden Gully YCW Eagles (2016 under 18 premiers)

CHAIR: Colleen Rogers

TREASURER: Laura Naughton

email: joylawry@bigpond.com


Discussion Paper on Football in our Region

The AFL Central Commission has been established to represent the needs of Australian Rules Football in the Central region. The independent commission is charged with the responsibility of building the capacity of the region to contribute more significantly to the growth and sustainability of the game.

The Commission has engaged in the spirit of collaboration as we gather information to determine the state of the game in our region. It is important to reach agreement amongst the stakeholders of the game as to where we currently stand as a code. Where are our greatest concerns? What opportunities lie ahead to develop our game? How can we increase our connection to our communities?

A discussion paper has been sent out to clubs that has summarised the discussions had so far with various stakeholders. The idea of the paper is to promote thoughts and ideas on what needs to be done to secure the future of our great game. In effect it is an invitation to participate in the building of a state of the region report that will be forwarded to the AFL Vic Executive within the next 6 weeks. This report will lead to the building of a strategic plan that addresses the identifiable concerns we currently have with the game. We would expect that some of the key areas this will address include:

- Developing a regional focus to improve engagement, participation and strategic growth of Australian Rules Football.
- Bringing the football community together to advance the good of the game
- Improving the strength and vitality of football clubs in the region. This includes enhancing the experience for our volunteers that are the lifeblood of our game.
- Recognition of relationship with Netball and other sports in the region in working together for mutual benefits.
- Provide our young players with clear pathways and strong junior competitions
- Provide opportunities to improve our coaching and development of players.
- Identify and research key issues impacting on community football throughout the region.
- Look at the governing structures of our game and provide the most effective systems and structures to promote the growth of our game.
- Recognition of the Social and Economic impact of Football in the region
- Developing the recruitment, retention and welfare of our umpiring groups.
- Strategic Facility development for the region
- Understanding that we live in a rapidly changing world that requires us to be flexible and adaptable.

No doubt there will be other issues uncovered as we continue to talk with people and call for submissions. It is also clear that there are different challenges in different regions. We acknowledge and must have the flexibility to understand that the challenges in the North Central league for example are different to the ones faced by the BFNL.

AFL Victoria has provided the commissions with the infrastructure and support to implement the strategies required to take our game forward. We are determined to grab this opportunity to bring people together to grow and energise our game.

Paul Hamilton

Regional General Manager
AFL Central Victorian Commission

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