VCFL Cybersafety Policy

Today’s society is consumed with multi-media and technology that enhances our lives in many ways, however with the integration of these methods of communication into our lifestyle, misuse and a lack of education as to the hazards of these technologies is sometimes overlooked.

The WorkSafe VCFL has in recent seasons experienced the misuse of various forms of social media extending into the sporting environment.

The ever increasing use of mobile phones and social media (Facebook, Twitter etc) has also been experienced in club, league and umpiring group environments.

The WorkSafe VCFL Board, recognising the serious aspects of inappropriate use of social media, websites, etc, have decided to introduce WorkSafe VCFL Rules and Regulations to cater for investigating and penalising the proven misuse of social media when it relates to the WorkSafe VCFL environment.

Leading Cybersafety expert Susan McLean was engaged by the WorkSafe VCFL to present to the 2011 League Seminar in December 2010.

Following Susan’s presentation it was unanimously agreed that the WorkSafe VCFL should develop a cybersafety policy to address the misuse of technology and social media at club, league and umpiring group level.

The policy was developed in conjunction with Susan McLean, the WorkSafe VCFL Rules Committee and has been ratified by the WorkSafe VCFL Board.

The attached policy’s implementation is mandatory across all WorkSafe VCFL affiliates and relates to all players, officials, umpires, clubs, leagues and umpire groups and associated personnel.

The policy has been developed to protect all affiliated members of the WorkSafe VCFL and will take effect from April 1, 2011.


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