2010 Read The Play

The Read The Play program has continued through season 2010. The mission of the program is to raise awareness of young peoples health issues and guide them to the relevant support services. The program is targeted at 15 and 16 year old footballers and netballers.

One in four young people between the ages of 15 – 24 will experience a mental health problem in any 12-month period 75% of mental illnesses first occur in people aged 15 to 24, yet . . . only one in four young people with mental health problems receive professional help.

The methodology is to use our clubs as place where young people can seek direction for the right support and to encourage mate to look out for mate

The aims of READ THE PLAY are to:

• Increase knowledge and awareness about mental health problems

• Increase knowledge about local support services

• Increase confidence and skills in guiding our youth to relevant support services

This year the uptake of the “READ the PLAY” program has been and overwhelming success, with a total of forty-seven sessions having been run in thirty clubs across the three leagues. Approximately 1,200 young people have participated in the program.

Andrew Downie - Secretary Read The Play







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